Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nate's Appointment Today

Today we went to Duke Neurobehavioral Unit.  He has made progress and that's what we have to focus on.  Not so much his level but that there is progress.  He was classified as severely delayed.  Now, moderate to severely delayed.  Hey, it's progress in the right direction.  They also want us to go to an autism clinic to have him dx'd.  Though they also don't think he has it,  it would help get him other services and therapies he desperately needs if he were 'labeled.'  I'm not in a rush.  Doctor did say he's doing well with us and that she thinks there should be some type of human rights violation in regards to Nate.  Though I know his early life was not a good one, sometimes when I'm reminded of it, it hurts.  I guess I just feel we all need to move on and that Nate is healing with us.  I want to focus on that, not his past. 

Nate actually did great at the appointment impressing her with his block building and puzzle attempts.  Stopped to get fajita shells for dinner.  While there, Easter candy was 75% off.  Well then.  Had to get Nate his favorite...cadbury egg.  He loved it.  Picked up two bags of jellybeans and one bag of peanut butter cups for the rest of us to share.  Got home and teens went to a kick off at the church for an event they'll be participating in this weekend.  Not a bad day.  All are in bed now but Bojan who is catchign up on some school work.  After Irina gets home from work, I'm going to bed!  Early for a change.  Ms. Bettie came over and made egg salad with the kids today.  They said it was the best.  Kind of feeling bad about that one. LOL.  They love Ms. Bettie and goodness knows, we all love her cooking. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Easter was this past weekend.  Saturday was busy with Miracle League, teens helping out at the church and then a church program.  We also celebrated our birthday bash from last year out to eat.  More on that later.  Then of course the next morning the Easter Bunny came.   We also had some dear friends come for Easter and had such a great time with them.  No pictures from their visit as we were too busy catching up and letting the kids play. 

This is a basket (yes, I forgot to buy a tub so laundry basket from upstairs it was!) filled for everyone.  Socks, candy and pretty much all outdoor stuff.  This is the time of year their outdoor supply gets replenished.  From a basketball to bubbles, bug catching kit, ball catching items, sidewalk chalk, and much more.  Even a chess game.  

Sofie and Summer found their favorite item. 

And they actually did good taking turns.

Two days later, tonight, we colored Easter Eggs.

Nik showing off one of his eggs.

Reni and Isabelle really getting into it.

More egg dying fun.

Summer and Sofie are loving it!

Some of our Easter Egg participants.  Tomorrow, it's egg salad for lunch :)  Was a wonderful, relaxing weekend filled with some fun and good friends.  Couldn't ask for more. 

Homeschool Happenings

Yes, we're still homeschooling here.  All but Bojan are homeschooled.  Currently, we're working on flowers/ photosynthesis for science & studying the constitution for history.  Math is all over the map.  Some are on addition, some multiplication some fractions, some geometry, etc.  YOu get the picture.  They go to a homeschool 4-H club which is what we have on Tuesdays.  And, since my teens are studying government and such, they are members of a volunteer teen court.  They also do youth group.  Looking into sports this week actually.  We also meet with other homeschoolers for activities like field trips and park outings. 

At home, do projects from time to time as well. 

Recently, the kids did leprechaun traps. This one is the girls.

This one is Alex's.  

This one is Logan's.  It is suppose to hang up and then there are shiny grapes underneath it.

We are doing a pizza unit study.  Lots of info on Italy so the kids had to draw Italy and outline it in salt dough.  Turned out okay I do believe.

We finally ended up having to put up a second computer.  Too many need it.  Hate that we had to crowd up a room w/ another desk but so be it.  No choice at the moment.  This will make some school work more productive to be sure.  Plan to sand the old desk, paint and put new hardware on it.  It's on that neverending to do list.  

So, just normal homeschool stuff going on.  Nothing really new.  Sofie finished her preschool book and now I need to start her on kindergarten stuff.  Wasn't going to do it till next semester but she's ready so we're going with it.  

More to come in a bit.  Just had a lot to do this evening so blog posts were pushed back a bit.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Manic Monday

Getting back into the groove of blogging after Easter break.  Monday it is.

  • had a great Easter
  • friends came over;  loved their visit
  • went to an Easter program on Saturday at church
  • missed church on Sunday
  • rainy day Sunday so just chilled
  • my cousin came on Friday for lunch and was a great visit as well!
  • Logan has been cleaning up the yard
  • Bojan is off school this week
  • kids had an Easter Egg hunt 
  • kids went to Miracle League baseball and enjoyed themselves
  • found money in my pocket so treated kids to hot dogs & chips at ball field (never done it before due to costs but was beautiful day and a splurge)
  • kids are studying the constitution
  • doing some gardening
  • going to work on old house in April
  • no OT or speech this week
  • no AWANAS this week
  • teens go to a youth retreat this week
  • Nate has a doc appointment this week
  • Warren is on call this week
  • Reni's birthday is this week
  • Max turned 21yo
  • Yana and baby are doing fine
  • tons of paperwork I need to get done
  • Nate due for his last PPR
  • van needs inspection
  • errands need doing
  • second computer hooked up for kids' school work
  • hung up curtains in kitchen since Warren won't let me paint it LOL
  • need to sand makeshift desk it sits on this weekend and paint it
  • mulch coming this week
  • need to weed outside & mow
  • trash needs to be hauled off
  • kids ALL need new shoes
  • going to be on the radio in July for adoption related stuff
much, much more that I'll get to soon enough.  One day at at time.  Just happy to be back writing.