Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nik's Runner

Nik is in a program where he is assigned a runner that runs miles for him.  Awesome program.  He has a runner from Richmond, VA area.  She writes to him and occasionally will send him something in the mail.  First time he got medals he was SO excited.  And impressed I might add!  It was as if he won the medals himself! 

This is Nik getting ready to open a package from Juri.  I just wish you could see the look on his face after.  My camera is broken  so not as many pictures lately.  See, Juri knew Nik was learning to read.  She sent him two books!  Then, since he liked it so much, a few weeks later she sent him a new book to read.  And yes, he reads them.  This runner has encouraged Nik so very much.  We owe her quite a bit of gratitude.  She is simply amazing.  Has two kids of her own yet takes time out to make my son feel special.  It is beyond awesome.  Had to share.  And yes, Nik has officially entered that awkward teenager nerdy looking stage.  Hope he passes it quickly like his brothers before him did. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Yana Back in the Hospital

I know since back I have not been able to explain Yana's birth of her daughter Savannah last week.  We were there and I will have a separate post.  But coming to you tonight to say Yana is back in the hospital where she will remain the next few days.  She just had emergency surgery from an infection of the c-section site.  She is now on IV antibiotics for at least 48 hours.  We will be visiting her tomorrow.  I spoke with her on the phone tonight and also spoke with the nurses.  So, send some extra prayers her way please.  Long recovery with two surgeries in one week.  More updates on her status the next few days. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Max's Mattress

Max got a delivery the other day.  

Small box but took it to the little girls' room to open.

Getting ready to take out what will hopefully change his a point.

What is this balled up piece of foam you ask?

What a mattress no less!

Course, there were plenty of helpers.  Reni is watching that knife carefully but no worries, Max does this for a living you know.

Doesn't seem like a mattress you'd want to sleep on, does it?  But, it expands.  A lot.

No time for mattress playing though when you have a box.  No matter what age, boxes and bubble wrap are fun, fun, fun.

Alyona is in that box somewhere.  

Max bought a new mattress for himself.  Something he needed, earned his paycheck and bought a mattress.  Thought that was a grown up decision of sorts.  We tried this mattress out.  Heaven to be sure!   In fact, Irina loved it so much, she bought herself one shortly after Max bought his!  Then, I bought one for Bojan as he didn't get a new mattress at the fundraiser like the rest of the kids did.  Only Alex and Warren & I that need a mattress.  Ours is so, so bad but we can't get a new one any time soon.  Just have to drool over my kids' mattress and one day, sneak a nap on there.  Max's joints were so bad, I was actually making an ortho appointment for him.  After getting the mattress, no more appointment needed.  It fixed it!  I know how he feels.  My hips are messed up from our mattress.  Definitely glad all my children are sleeping well though.  

Tomorrow, Nate has a GI appointment and a dental appointment.  Let you know how it goes. 

Decorating & Destruction

We try to decorate on a budget around here.  We also try to fix what gets broken around here versus buying new.  Hey, with a lot of kids, that is a must.

We moved into a house that apparently didn't have quite as active kids as we do.  This light fixture is between the two garage doors.  Across from the basketball goal.  Enough said.  Warren fixed it though it hangs a tad crooked now, the untrained eye won't notice my boys messed up the light.

These are all the door pieces Warren was working on.

 So, our door lock broke.  Sounds simple, right?  Just get a new lock, right?  Umm, no.  Not so easy.  See, this door was apparently some top of the line custom #.  You can't put any lock on.  Trouble is, this is a couple hundred dollar lock.  Our alternative was replace the couple thousand dollar door.  Not happening.  Only 7 places in the country sell this lock.  What kills me is this is a glass door.  Why all the security?   thought that odd.  Anyhow, Warren managed to take it to pieces to order the actual broken part.  $147 to fix the ONE part.  Whole day's job to put it back together.  Literally, a whole day.  Though we love our home, the previous owners did not have kids that have high usage and also kids that destroy stuff in unusual ways. 

We have to decorate on the cheap here so these $1 butterflies for an odd space were simply perfect and they look great!  Got them from  Cheap stuff but takes forever to get to you.  

Another view of them so you can see the 3-D effect.

Last month was Valentine's Day.  We do try to decorate here and there.  So had the kids make hearts.

Isabelle helping to hang them all up.

Max in the background thinking this is an idiotic idea.  LOL.

Candy heart box.  A gift to me from Irina for Valentine's Day.  Thought it was really sweet of her. 

The Llama Mama

First, I have to say this came about by initiating Sofie time.  Let me explain a little about what Sofie time is.  See, I had gotten tired of the kids teasing each other.  And Alex seem to have a thing for teasing Sofie.  It needed to end.  So, one day he was messing with her.  I said fine, you get Sofie time.  15 minutes for you to do whatever she requests.  He kept going.  I said fine, it's now 30 mintues!  Alex screams NOOO!!!  Same time, Sofie is jumping up and down excited as can be.  Well, first 15 minutes were outside b/c she wanted to play on the playground.  Then, it got to cold.  So, they came in.  Alex asked if watching a movie counts.  I said fine, but she picks.  Then, Sofie got a stuffed toy that she wanted Alex to hold.

Alex was not the least bit thrilled.  Rest of us were cracking up.

Sofie said Alex is the Llama Mama now!  Can't you tell how happy she is.  Alex is not amused.

Nik wanted to pose with Alex later.  Needless to say, there has been a whole lot less teasing by ALL the kids.  See, whoever teases, they have time with the person they teased.  Usually, the little kids.  Little kids are happy b/c they get to call the shots for a change.  win-win. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Church Activities

Again, I will try to catch up and do at least two to three posts a night now that my life is getting back in order.  Will explain that too.  When we left our old home, we knew it would be difficult to find a new church home.  We tried out a few here.  Great people, nothing wrong but you know when you feel that right 'fit.'  Sent my kids to a vacation Bible School and then started going to youth group there.  They did not want to try any other new churches after that.  This was IT.  And, best part about this church is they are not pushy, not forcing things on you and very, VERY accomadating to everyone.  They have something for all ages.  One thing my kids go to is AWANAS. 

Sofie was SO proud of her patches.  Reni is kind enough to put all of them on.

Reni was beaming as well.  I think it is an excellent program and glad they get to be a part of it.

We intend to go to church more soon.  The kids consistently go to youth group and AWANAS.  I had wanted to do a few things as well but can not w/ Nate currently.  Warren is on call sometimes and most days isn't home till 7:30 or so.  I miss things that I hope one day to be able to attend.  And that is okay for now.  Just glad we found a place of worship and a place that accepts the kids for who they are.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring is in the air

Thought I'd start somewhere in pictures and move backwards.  This week NC is in the mid to upper 70's.  Simply beautiful outside.  Been working outside and enjoying things.

It was so beautiful out the other day, kids decided to eat lunch at the picnic table.

Trying to smile for the camera.

But they never seem to get it right.  LOL.  corn on the cob and hot dogs was what was for lunch.

Max and Logan decided to work on the path to the shed.

We found the bricks throughout the yard when we moved in and dug them up.  Previous owners must have thrown them out when remodelling.  Great find.  We intend to do lots of fixing up the next few weeks as we've kind of let things go outside.  Winter it tends to happen.  We need some more flowers for sure here.  They did great with shrubs at this house but really need some color here so that is my goal this year.  Now, to bargain hunt for them. 

I'm Back! -- and now a grandmother

So, so much explaining to do and I truly needed time to clear my head and get a few things in my life straightened out.  Yes, it will take a little while to play catch up on this blog.  But, I intend to.  I've missed it.  I have.  So, I'll start out with a manic Monday post. A day late.  As usual.  Here goes:

  • Yana had a baby girl last week.  We are now grandparents
  • Tons has gone on lately
  • Trying to win Nate a bike in a giveaway
  • Nate is making progress
  • Nate, Sofie, Summer, Alyona and Nik get therapy
  • Have speech and OT this week
  • Nik can read
  • Alyona is still having headaches
  • Nate goes to GI and dentist this week
  • Dogs need a bath again.  Go figure
  • Registered kids for Camp Woodbine
  • Registering us for Camp Cheerio soon
  • Registering kids for summer science classes being offered
  • Hosting a Leprechaun Lunch next week
  • Gorgeous weather here in NC
  • Need to catch up with the kids' runners
  • Fixing up old house next month more
  • Thinking of selling old house (currently rented)
  • Kids have AWANAS tomorrow
  • Bojan got inducted into the Beta Club
  • My camera is broken so need a new one soon
  • Doing taxes
  • Kids had teen court volunteering tonight
  • 4-H today
  • Nik is having a friend spend the night this week
  • Kids signed up for Miracle League
  • Have practice this weeeknd
  • Special needs carnival this weekend
  • Need a new COC for Isabelle
so, so, so much more to tell you and fill you in on.  I will get there, I promise.