Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Time at Chaos Manor

Really is a great time around here.  Spring time!  We love the weather during the spring in NC.  Windows are open, flowers are starting to bloom and just the beautiful Carolina sunshine makes it all a-okay.  School work can be done outside and lots of flexibility in regards to field trips.  Took a few pictures recently.  not many but some.  Mind you, flowers are just starting to bloom so not the way it will look in a few weeks but still, pretty nonetheless. 

This looks so much better today than when I took this picture last week.  It's fuller now and all the new mulch is down.

A view of when it was starting to come alive with color.  The dogwood now is beautiful.

A few of our azaleas.  

Close up of the azaleas.

Our yard is a great opportunity for the homeschoolers to learn about plants and insects.  Sofie is trying to catch a butterfly.  There were around twenty flying around that day.

Just one of the many flying aorund the azaleas.

Another butterfly enjoying the phlox.

Phlox just starting to bloom.  Need to take some more pictures.

These rose bushes are so veyr hardy.  They are now bigger and are starting to bud!  Remember, last year they produce roses from April till November!  And now, it is surrounded by some new mulch today as well.  

I am looking at the direct gardening site again to fill in some holes for the yard.  I love color for sure and can't wait to add even more to the yard eventually.  Should be beautiful in a few years and a yard will enjoy for years to come.  The kids enjoy keeping it up though we all hate the weeding. 


  1. Are you guys ok? No updates recently??

  2. I know life is complicated sometimes, but miss your posts. I hope everyone is doing fine.

  3. I hope everything is okay! Miss your blog!