Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Manic Monday

Oh, so much to catch up on but the weekend got away from me.  I'll do a manic Monday post and then start on all the others.  Plenty more coming tomorrow as well.

  • great weekend
  • mulch delivered Monday
  • working on putting down said mulch
  • kids have been working on the yard
  • Sofie had an IEP eval today
  • 4-H today w/ science
  • kids volunteered at nursing home
  • OT/ speech
  • AWANAS this week
  • library
  • friends coming over
  • Bettie stopped by for dinner yesterday
  • Sofie has neuro appt. this week
  • need to pick up her old MRI's this week
  • Summer has endocrinology this week
  • Bojan needs OT for hand control driving to take place
  • Bojan is looking for a job
  • all teens attending a job workshop Thursday
  • Job fair Saturday
  • Miracle League this weekend
  • taking a local field trip Friday
  • arranged more field trips for April
  • my parents are coming to visit at some point this month
  • Nate has been sleeping through the night again!
  • teens went to a mini missions event this past weekend
  • looking forward to Camp Cheerio next month
  • Logan is ungrounded this week
  • attitudes around here haven't been too bad lately
  • Summer was matched with another runner
  • I have been inundated with paperwork lately
  • still researching mattresses
  • thinking of summer vacations
  • thinking of summer projects we're going to do (pinterest type)

Seems like a pile going on at once but we make it day by day.  Many, many more posts to come.  

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