Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Llama Mama

First, I have to say this came about by initiating Sofie time.  Let me explain a little about what Sofie time is.  See, I had gotten tired of the kids teasing each other.  And Alex seem to have a thing for teasing Sofie.  It needed to end.  So, one day he was messing with her.  I said fine, you get Sofie time.  15 minutes for you to do whatever she requests.  He kept going.  I said fine, it's now 30 mintues!  Alex screams NOOO!!!  Same time, Sofie is jumping up and down excited as can be.  Well, first 15 minutes were outside b/c she wanted to play on the playground.  Then, it got to cold.  So, they came in.  Alex asked if watching a movie counts.  I said fine, but she picks.  Then, Sofie got a stuffed toy that she wanted Alex to hold.

Alex was not the least bit thrilled.  Rest of us were cracking up.

Sofie said Alex is the Llama Mama now!  Can't you tell how happy she is.  Alex is not amused.

Nik wanted to pose with Alex later.  Needless to say, there has been a whole lot less teasing by ALL the kids.  See, whoever teases, they have time with the person they teased.  Usually, the little kids.  Little kids are happy b/c they get to call the shots for a change.  win-win. 

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