Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Teen Court

This semester I am really focusing on my kids learning the justice system, our government, election process, etc.  So, I signed them up for teen court.  It is a volunteer organization.  Takes first time juvenile offenders and puts them in front of their peers for judging as if in a real court. They learn about consequences for actions, what fines/ service there are for those who broke the law, and learn about the law in general and the judicial system.  They are not allowed to speak about the people in the cases outside of the court.  They have honored this too which actually made me proud.  My teens go every other week to court and this lasts a few months.  So, just twice a month and they had training in the beginning.  

Some of my teens dressed up and ready to go to court.  I think it has been an awesome experience and given them some great knowledge of the law.  Thankful for the opportunity.  

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