Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nik's Runner

Nik is in a program where he is assigned a runner that runs miles for him.  Awesome program.  He has a runner from Richmond, VA area.  She writes to him and occasionally will send him something in the mail.  First time he got medals he was SO excited.  And impressed I might add!  It was as if he won the medals himself! 

This is Nik getting ready to open a package from Juri.  I just wish you could see the look on his face after.  My camera is broken  so not as many pictures lately.  See, Juri knew Nik was learning to read.  She sent him two books!  Then, since he liked it so much, a few weeks later she sent him a new book to read.  And yes, he reads them.  This runner has encouraged Nik so very much.  We owe her quite a bit of gratitude.  She is simply amazing.  Has two kids of her own yet takes time out to make my son feel special.  It is beyond awesome.  Had to share.  And yes, Nik has officially entered that awkward teenager nerdy looking stage.  Hope he passes it quickly like his brothers before him did. 

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