Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nate's Results

Got the phone call just now from the doctor that confirmed everything we suspected all along. Nate does not have Angelman's Syndrome nor does he have any other 'syndrome' or genetic abnormality. All of Nate's 'issues' and severe PTSD are explained by one thing. -- past abuse, neglect, trauma, malnutrition, etc. (more than one I suppose) Yes, even that flat head of his. There are many questions we will never ever get answered. Like, what exactly happened to him over there. And that is heartbreaking just thinking about it and probably best that it is not known to us. We love Nate for who he is, work through his PTSD, and all the other quirks/ issues he has. We live for that smile and the giggles. He has the best laugh bar none! The screams will take years to go away, I'm sure. You can't erase his past but we sure as hell can make sure his future is the best ever. We thank our team that went above and beyond to make sure this was not the reason for all his issues. In depth (& do I mean in depth) genetic testing. Watching the new therapist work with him today who specializes in trauma patients and says 'wow!' this poor child more than once, was hard. I knew what she meant. But his fear is so high, he is in a constant state of fight or flight w/ anxiety. We do not know how long this will take to overcome but we will work with him for however long it takes.  Nate does have a purpose in life.  I just know it.  He has already changed so many just by his sheer presence.  Our family has learned a lot from him for sure.  This is the last I'll say anything about this.  It is his past.  Not his present, nor his future.  Those are yet unwritten.  He knows he is loved beyond measure. 

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  1. Oh, Nate...May the coming months erase much of the hurt he's sustained.