Thursday, March 10, 2016

Max's Mattress

Max got a delivery the other day.  

Small box but took it to the little girls' room to open.

Getting ready to take out what will hopefully change his a point.

What is this balled up piece of foam you ask?

What a mattress no less!

Course, there were plenty of helpers.  Reni is watching that knife carefully but no worries, Max does this for a living you know.

Doesn't seem like a mattress you'd want to sleep on, does it?  But, it expands.  A lot.

No time for mattress playing though when you have a box.  No matter what age, boxes and bubble wrap are fun, fun, fun.

Alyona is in that box somewhere.  

Max bought a new mattress for himself.  Something he needed, earned his paycheck and bought a mattress.  Thought that was a grown up decision of sorts.  We tried this mattress out.  Heaven to be sure!   In fact, Irina loved it so much, she bought herself one shortly after Max bought his!  Then, I bought one for Bojan as he didn't get a new mattress at the fundraiser like the rest of the kids did.  Only Alex and Warren & I that need a mattress.  Ours is so, so bad but we can't get a new one any time soon.  Just have to drool over my kids' mattress and one day, sneak a nap on there.  Max's joints were so bad, I was actually making an ortho appointment for him.  After getting the mattress, no more appointment needed.  It fixed it!  I know how he feels.  My hips are messed up from our mattress.  Definitely glad all my children are sleeping well though.  

Tomorrow, Nate has a GI appointment and a dental appointment.  Let you know how it goes. 

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