Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Manic Monday

Gee, events unexpected can truly put one behind.  Playing catch up...again.  This week should be normal in posts.  It's Monday so might as well start with an easy one.

  • laid back dreary weekend but good
  • OT, speech and a new type of therapy this week
  • Max's car needs inspecting
  • Max's car needs repair
  • need to go to bank
  • need to send in Bojan's DMV stuff (has to fill out medical stuff due to prosthetics since he'll be using hand controls)
  • Digby got groomed and looks good
  • did some Easter shopping
  • can't believe this week is Easter
  • Max turns 21 this week
  • Easter is this week
  • need to finish Easter shopping
  • Yana is back home from the hospital
  • Savannah is doing great
  • Nate does not have Angelman's Syndrome (post on this coming up)
  • church events this week
  • Miracle League this weekend
  • going out of town this weekend
  • teen court
  • 4-H club
  • Irina's recheck is great so no more for 3 months on her ear
  • Irina's hearing loss is still there
  • Bojan is getting glasses
  • Bojan was inducted into the Beta Club
  • AWANAS this week
  • Bettie is back in town-- we all missed her!
  • Bojan is off school starting Friday
  • Sent in Bojan's medical stuff for driver's ed
  • need to go to the post office
  • overdue library books-- like beyond overdue...we owe $60
  • Reni gets her knee checked out Friday
  • Warren is on call Friday
  • studying plants in homeschool and pizza
  • calling endocrinology for Summer due to her c-ACC
  • Finding out more about Sofie
  • sorting closets this week
  • Nate is in a contest to win a bike
And much, much more to catch you all up on but this gives you an idea of what's happening this week.  

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