Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jobs & My Kids

I know it is a concern of many parents of what their children will do when young adults.  It was a concern of ours and still is.  One of our many motivations to move was job outlook for when our kids turn into young adults.  We have been told many things over the years.  One being, our kids shouldn't work that much due to their FAS and things of that nature.  I'm sorry but I whole-heartedly disagree with that.  I think if they are able, they should work.  They should have a sense of pride in a job well done.  They should take pride in going to work on time, having their own money, learning how to manage money, how to work with others, how to take criticism (every job has it as we know), and much, much more. 

Irina is my oldest daughter.  She is 23 and works at Revlon.  Yes, the make up company.  It has a veyr large manufacturing plant here and it is assembly line work she does each night.  She works from 3:15pm to 11:15pm with appropriate breaks/ lunch in there.  She talks to other workers.  Has been commended by management.  Does she love this job?  Heck no!  LOL.  She wants something different but as I told her, this gives her a good foundation and do not quit till you find another job first.  Her dream is to still work with animals but reality is, that may not happen.  Irina works Monday through Friday and has off almost all weekends.  It is a good starter job.

Max is my oldest son and works at UPS now.  He drives on the interstate everyday for 20 miles to get to work.  He has to be at work at around 4am.  Yikes!  I know I couldn't wake up at that time.  But, he manages to put himself to bed early so he gets enough rest in.  Usually going to be around 7 so he can wake up at 3:00am.  He loves his job.  And, he even got certified in operating a forklift.  Now, someone may have thought this impossible for a child w/ ADHD and FAS to be able to handle a job such as this w/ a lot of responsiblity and scheduling but he does.  Everyday but Sunday.  And Max even takes Irina to work when he gets home and picks up Bojan from school. 

Yes, both still live at home but I think this is a fantastic job they are doing starting young adulthood this way, learning skills, managing time and money and much more.  Proud of them both. 

Then we have Bojan.  I think the child I thought would be the most successful at holding a job and such is not going to be what I thought. Being honest here.  Bojan is MORE than capable of holding a job and getting a job.  Yet somehow, he does not have one as of yet.  I'm not sure if he is scared or what the deal is but Mom and Dad are going to have to put things in writing soon I do believe.  This child just got inducted to the Beta Club and does remarkable in school.  He needs job skills too though as this would be beneficial for college.  Plus, he needs to save for a car!  We will be pushing the job hunt this coming month to be sure.  I think having a job makes kids want to be more independent and proud of their accomplishments.

Alex and Logan LOVE to work.  Though 15yo, they do neighborhood yard work frequently.  And, neighbors tell me how hard they work and what a great job they do.  Great work ethic and I appreciate that very much.  Isabelle and Reni watch dogs here and there. They are trying to get into babysitting but not much available at the moment.  Well, except their own home but mom doesn't pay :) 

Point to all this is I believe that if able to work, they should.  I do not care what disability you have.  Could care less.  Everyone can do something.  You should have seen just how proud Nik was with those first dollars earned when working with his brothers.  Now, he wants to keep doing more.  Again, I was told many of mine should only work maybe 15 hours or just volunteer. BTW, they volunteer as well places.  I just think having a job in your teens is a great idea and teaches them so very much about responsibility.  Please don't let others say they are not capable or it's too overwhelming.  Work them through it.  Yes, I did help with applications.  And no, I did not mention their disabilities.  Felt they were there to apply for a job on their own merit.  Did they get turned down?  Yes.  More than once.  But that also teaches them valuable lessons.  Perseverance, motivation, never give up, confidence you will get a job.  Just wanted to share a bit as I know many wonder if my older kids work.  They do. 


  1. Very good post!

  2. Wonderful post! Agree with you 100%!

  3. I admire you for your attitude! No need to limit the kids when they can instead push limitations and surprise everyone with how far they can go. I am thinking back to the time when I was Bojan's age and it was time to look for my first job. Very similar situation, top of the class student, hard worker in general, but I had no idea what I wanted to do, what I could get hired to do and how and where to apply. It turned out that I just needed more concrete info - in the end all it took to get my first job was my mom telling me that her friend's daughter got a job at a place that sounded like a good place to work. Applied same day, started working in a week. Bojan is a great kid, I am sure some lucky employer will snatch him as soon as his first few applications are out.

  4. Love this post! Keep reminding them to advocate for themselves at their jobs. I have never had a boss say no if I am needing some kind of accommodation in my job because I am hearing impaired. I have my own captioned telephone at work so I can answer phone calls.