Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Back! -- and now a grandmother

So, so much explaining to do and I truly needed time to clear my head and get a few things in my life straightened out.  Yes, it will take a little while to play catch up on this blog.  But, I intend to.  I've missed it.  I have.  So, I'll start out with a manic Monday post. A day late.  As usual.  Here goes:

  • Yana had a baby girl last week.  We are now grandparents
  • Tons has gone on lately
  • Trying to win Nate a bike in a giveaway
  • Nate is making progress
  • Nate, Sofie, Summer, Alyona and Nik get therapy
  • Have speech and OT this week
  • Nik can read
  • Alyona is still having headaches
  • Nate goes to GI and dentist this week
  • Dogs need a bath again.  Go figure
  • Registered kids for Camp Woodbine
  • Registering us for Camp Cheerio soon
  • Registering kids for summer science classes being offered
  • Hosting a Leprechaun Lunch next week
  • Gorgeous weather here in NC
  • Need to catch up with the kids' runners
  • Fixing up old house next month more
  • Thinking of selling old house (currently rented)
  • Kids have AWANAS tomorrow
  • Bojan got inducted into the Beta Club
  • My camera is broken so need a new one soon
  • Doing taxes
  • Kids had teen court volunteering tonight
  • 4-H today
  • Nik is having a friend spend the night this week
  • Kids signed up for Miracle League
  • Have practice this weeeknd
  • Special needs carnival this weekend
  • Need a new COC for Isabelle
so, so, so much more to tell you and fill you in on.  I will get there, I promise.  


  1. Congratulations, granny! I hope mom and baby are well.

  2. Congratulations with a granddaughter! Having the parents like you Yana is going to be a good mother!

  3. Congratulations on the grandbaby. So glad to see posts up when I checked. I actually got worried enough to find the contact button & send an email to check you guys were all ok