Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Homeschool Happenings

Yes, we're still homeschooling here.  All but Bojan are homeschooled.  Currently, we're working on flowers/ photosynthesis for science & studying the constitution for history.  Math is all over the map.  Some are on addition, some multiplication some fractions, some geometry, etc.  YOu get the picture.  They go to a homeschool 4-H club which is what we have on Tuesdays.  And, since my teens are studying government and such, they are members of a volunteer teen court.  They also do youth group.  Looking into sports this week actually.  We also meet with other homeschoolers for activities like field trips and park outings. 

At home, do projects from time to time as well. 

Recently, the kids did leprechaun traps. This one is the girls.

This one is Alex's.  

This one is Logan's.  It is suppose to hang up and then there are shiny grapes underneath it.

We are doing a pizza unit study.  Lots of info on Italy so the kids had to draw Italy and outline it in salt dough.  Turned out okay I do believe.

We finally ended up having to put up a second computer.  Too many need it.  Hate that we had to crowd up a room w/ another desk but so be it.  No choice at the moment.  This will make some school work more productive to be sure.  Plan to sand the old desk, paint and put new hardware on it.  It's on that neverending to do list.  

So, just normal homeschool stuff going on.  Nothing really new.  Sofie finished her preschool book and now I need to start her on kindergarten stuff.  Wasn't going to do it till next semester but she's ready so we're going with it.  

More to come in a bit.  Just had a lot to do this evening so blog posts were pushed back a bit.

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