Thursday, March 10, 2016

Decorating & Destruction

We try to decorate on a budget around here.  We also try to fix what gets broken around here versus buying new.  Hey, with a lot of kids, that is a must.

We moved into a house that apparently didn't have quite as active kids as we do.  This light fixture is between the two garage doors.  Across from the basketball goal.  Enough said.  Warren fixed it though it hangs a tad crooked now, the untrained eye won't notice my boys messed up the light.

These are all the door pieces Warren was working on.

 So, our door lock broke.  Sounds simple, right?  Just get a new lock, right?  Umm, no.  Not so easy.  See, this door was apparently some top of the line custom #.  You can't put any lock on.  Trouble is, this is a couple hundred dollar lock.  Our alternative was replace the couple thousand dollar door.  Not happening.  Only 7 places in the country sell this lock.  What kills me is this is a glass door.  Why all the security?   thought that odd.  Anyhow, Warren managed to take it to pieces to order the actual broken part.  $147 to fix the ONE part.  Whole day's job to put it back together.  Literally, a whole day.  Though we love our home, the previous owners did not have kids that have high usage and also kids that destroy stuff in unusual ways. 

We have to decorate on the cheap here so these $1 butterflies for an odd space were simply perfect and they look great!  Got them from  Cheap stuff but takes forever to get to you.  

Another view of them so you can see the 3-D effect.

Last month was Valentine's Day.  We do try to decorate here and there.  So had the kids make hearts.

Isabelle helping to hang them all up.

Max in the background thinking this is an idiotic idea.  LOL.

Candy heart box.  A gift to me from Irina for Valentine's Day.  Thought it was really sweet of her. 

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