Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Church Activities

Again, I will try to catch up and do at least two to three posts a night now that my life is getting back in order.  Will explain that too.  When we left our old home, we knew it would be difficult to find a new church home.  We tried out a few here.  Great people, nothing wrong but you know when you feel that right 'fit.'  Sent my kids to a vacation Bible School and then started going to youth group there.  They did not want to try any other new churches after that.  This was IT.  And, best part about this church is they are not pushy, not forcing things on you and very, VERY accomadating to everyone.  They have something for all ages.  One thing my kids go to is AWANAS. 

Sofie was SO proud of her patches.  Reni is kind enough to put all of them on.

Reni was beaming as well.  I think it is an excellent program and glad they get to be a part of it.

We intend to go to church more soon.  The kids consistently go to youth group and AWANAS.  I had wanted to do a few things as well but can not w/ Nate currently.  Warren is on call sometimes and most days isn't home till 7:30 or so.  I miss things that I hope one day to be able to attend.  And that is okay for now.  Just glad we found a place of worship and a place that accepts the kids for who they are.  

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