Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hey folks, this is Warren trying to set up an Amazon affiliate link from our blog.  This is mostly a test post while I work out the details of getting the link to embed in the main template. 

So, while this is not so much a "normal" post, I am sure that Stephanie will get back to the "normal" that we don't experience once she gets some sleep.  

The holidays have been full of activity and this Christmas and the past year our family has been blessed by kindness and generosity beyond what I could have ever conceived.  I hope that everyone is finding that their Christmas a blessed and happy event.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Dinner Out

My parents sent us some money and we took the kids out to a Chinese dinner.  My kids love a buffet and let's just say the teen boys love food. 

A little drama on the way there.  Sofie's mouth started bleeding as she was messing with a tooth that wasn't quite loose yet. so bad that we had a diaper full of blood!  Diaper full.  We were out of tissues.  We improvised .

Girls decided to all sit together at a table.  Definitely sisters.

Some of the boys munching.  They tried so many new things too.  They loved that part.

Max was filling up before he had to work in a few hours.  All of them were having a pretty good time.

Though Nate didn't really eat, he was happy to be there.  He did eat a plate of pudding Irina let him try.

 Logan before the haircut.  He was not as quick to try some of the foods.  Especially, the recognizable aquatic ones.  LOL. 

Nothing like reading our fortune cookies at the end.  We all had a wonderful, relaxing time.  Was so pleasant to go out to eat and such a treat.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift!  We enjoyed our day out. 

Is Naked Ken Gone?

To simply  Naked Ken seems to always find his way back in this house.  For those that don't know, my kids like playing with Barbies.  No matter what, clothes always seem to disappear.  Tried putting some on with marker but frankly, that doesn't work but for so long and just isn't the same as clothes.  LOL.  So, naked it is.  And hey, they are just playing with Barbies like kids do.  I've heard them play house, school, doctor, friends, etc. with their Barbies so I don't mind a bit. 

Our poor Barbie dolls.  Apparently, they are ready for a night out on the town.  In a shopping basket no less.

Then, Nik and Summer wanted to take their Naked Ken dolls exploring.  This is how they rigged them up for the hike.  One day, I know they'll look back on this and laugh and kill me for taking a picture.  But look, they are having fun, using their imagination, and smiling.  What more could I want?  Well, maybe Barbie clothes. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blessings Abound...again

As I said a few posts again, we truly have been blessed the last few weeks.  Great food, good friends, many visitors, and gifts out of the blue.  Just lots of thoughtful people in this world.  And we are fortunate enough to be friends with many of them.

I received this in the mail.

I had won one of the Facebook contests!  I was so excited b/c who doesn't love beauty items.

Our dear friends back in Garner surprised us with a feast.  And Mimi is such an awesome cook.  Ms. Bettie was over to enjoy it with us as well.   Made it that much more special.

Look at this Italian cooking!  Amazing.  Umm, majority of the stuff on Reni's side was eaten that evening.  Yep, that good.

We received a gift from my sister and her husband.  The perfect gift!

Believe it or not, all were excited about this gift.  Nik bugged me for two days straight to make pancakes.  We missed them so much.

How awesome is this?!  An anonymous person gave us a griddle as well.  We have already cooked on both at once and that is the ticket to finishing breakfast faster around here.  Love them!

We were blessed with two cakes the other week.  Summer gladly deemed them her birthday cakes.  And yes, we did have them for her birthday.  She was in love with getting to eat this bow.

These were so beautiful.  Fit for a princess and that was Summer.  Again, so many have blessed our family it is just amazing. There are no words for the generosity we've experienced. 

Those Unexpected Projects

Okay, so my kids have all known for years one of my biggest pet peeves is waiting till the last minute to let me know if they have something due the next day.  Sure enough, Bojan did it.  For French Class.  He informs me at 9:00pm at night he needs to cook something French for school the next day.  Really?!  So, scrambling on the internet at night, we decided we needed easy at that point.  Crepes it was.  I still had fresh strawberries I had frozen from the summer when we picked them.  Perfect. 

Warren teaching Bojan how to cook them.  After, Bojan took over.  

Trouble was, they tasted so good, ALL of us ate them all.  So, he and Isabelle got up early hte next morning to make them fresh for his school.

This was the night time batch.  Fruit to go along w/ it.  Next weekend, Isabelle and Reni made crepes for breakfast.  Delicious!  We love it and were glad for the class project.  He got a 100 on it.  Hey, we turned a stressed situation into fun.  That's what you have to do around here you know.

Toothless for Christmas!

And it is Sofie this year that is toothless for Christmas. She lost her first tooth last week.  Woke up with a missing tooth.  At first, we thought she swallowed it but it appeared so we were good.

I do believe Sofie was a tad bit excited about that first tooth being gone.

Of course, she has bugged me for days to go spend her dollar. So, we went to Dollar Tree last night.  Made her night.  She bought gum drops and bubble gum.  Mom may have helped w/ that dollar amount a bit.  Then she had trouble letting go of her money.  Don't we all?  She can't wait for her next one to fall out now. 

Manic Monday

Wow, didn't realize the holidays had me as busy as I was.  I totally forgot I had a blog.  Let's start this week off right.  Here goes:

  • Bojan and I have taken up walking together
  • I'm trying to bit by bit get heatlhy
  • kids are beyond excited for Christmas
  • we have truly been blessed by some Christmas Angels
  • Nate is really developing a personality
  • speech and OT this week
  • no activities as Christmas Week
  • we go Christmas Caroling on Wednesday
  • Christmas Eve Service on Thursday
  • we need to make more Christmas Cookies
  • we got a lot of little stuff done this past weekend
  • our to do list is slowly getting done
  • Irina's surgery is in January
  • so much happening the next few weeks
  • Max still loves his job at UPS
  • Irina is working at Revlon still
  • Bojan will be job hunting over the break
  • I have tons and tons of paperwork
  • local vet called me today to make an appointment
  • one day, I'll get those Christmas cards out
more, more, more going on here at Chaos Manor.  Will update for sure this week as I'll have a bit more time believe it or not.  Hope everyone's Christmas Week is going well.