Thursday, December 17, 2015

Surgery Scheduled; Know the next one tomorrow

Will be brief b/c so, so much transpiring these next few days.  You have no idea!  LOL.  Anyhow, Irina went to the ENT on Wednesday for her followup.  Still really, really bad.  Surgery is needed asap but doc is out next week. So, January 7th is surgery for Irina to remove the polyp.  Then, they will look at the ear drum and figure out from there.  However, surgeon said good possibility this will end up being two surgeries.  We'll know in awhile if hearing loss will be permanent.  Right now, classified as conductive hearing loss--moderate.

Next, we have Alyona.  She is going to the ER tomorrow morning, Thursday.  She is in pain and sorry but we can't wait till the 25th for her appointment.  That would be cruel.  Also, rather miffed no one has called me back when I told them I needed to leave a message w/ nurse of how serious symptoms are. 

Well, today came and went.  They went to the ER.  The ER docs focused on her back pain.  They did an x-ray to make sure her hardware did not move.  Checked the pressure in her eyes.  And, said most likely a muscle spasm and to come back the 25th for her neuro appt.  Hmm is all I can say.  Her dizziness and severe headaches in the back of her skull have gone on for months and been getting progressively worse.  One doc even mentioned seeing muscle strains/ headaches in teens due to coffee/ soda.  Alyona does not drink any coffee.  She only has soda when we have a party or go to one.  That's the only time we really have soda in the occasional treat.  Now, I will say she doesn't drink that much water so we are getting on her about that one.  But the rest, she doesn't do.  My gut says something else is going on here.  Others agree w/ me on this and her therapist is going to write a letter for our next appointment.  Confusion is another symptom of hers.  So again, we wait.  Nothing more I can do.  Took her to the ER like everyone said.  Keep you posted as to what the 25th brings.

Tomorrow is busy.  Therapies, pick up Bojan, go to a friend's house, have a homeschool party here at this house, take the teens to a church party.  Never dull here.  Though kids will tell you otherwise.  I will try to catch up some more this weekend.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blessings Abound!

Truly, the last week and a half has been a little bit overwhelming for me.  The hearts of so many have blessed our family in one way or another.  Here are just a few examples.

A big box arrived from my Aunt Dianne.

Course they dug into it.  Christmas cards, bookmarks, calenders, books, etc.  Even candy.

This was a neat book that came too.

Was very sweet of our aunt to think of the kids.   Some very neat things that we all enjoyed.

This was like an ice cream truck arriving for us!

Waiting for the new washing machine.

Reni holding the shop vac hose.  The dripped pan and elsewhere was filled with water.  Yes, leaked to the floor below which was garage area.  Guys were really nice that put it in.  It got put to use right away.  Life changing to be sure!  This was from an anonymous donor.  We couldn't believe it but are sincerely grateful.  Tub washing is no fun.

We have been blessed with clothes for the kids, wonderful diners, gift cards to a steak house for our anniversary, dinner out, and people visiting.  We are so very fortunate and extremely grateful for all we've been given.  Truly have been overwhelmed by the generosity.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Manic Monday

Boy this season is flying by!  Was a wonderful weekend.  More to come for sure.  This will be quick. 
  • had a great weekend at a show at church
  • kids have AWANAS this week
  • 4-H has a party
  • Nate gets a feeding eval this week
  • speech and OT this week
  • Chick Filet fundraiser (we were given tickets to yesterday!)
  • library
  • oil changes needed
  • dogs need a bath
  • Irina has ENT appointment to determine surgery
  • park day w/ homeschoolers
  • teens have a Christmas party at church
  • bojan has early release
  • have homeschool party here at our house
  • need to wash cars
  • making appointments for various doctors
  • still trying to locate dentist for kids...urghh!!!
  • need to haul off trash
  • need to pick up glasses for Alyona.  Reni's aren't ready yet.
  • need to order part for kitchen stove
  • called school for Sofie for IEP eval
  • need to write thank yous
  • clearing up multiple insurance issues
  • need to write Christmas letter

Much more going on as usual.  But, we still take things day by day.  This is a very, very busy week for us but I am determined to do at least one to two posts a day.  My goal.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Grinchy Friday

This weekend, we wanted low key.  Decided to go to the library Friday with the kids to see Santa.  That was a lot of fun as we were the only ones there pretty much.  Kids got to make a bookmark and even got a book.  Then, came home and had delicious steaks on the grill a friend gave us along w/ some potato salad and potato skins.  Yeh, not the healthiest of evenings.  After dinner, we made Grinch kebobs and watch the movie.  Bojan's friends were also over with us. 

The girls were eager to get started on the kebobs.

Alyona assembling hers.

Not too hard after all.  Nate kept eating the grapes though.

Isabelle showing Reni how not to cut the strawberry earlier.  LOL.

Reni's finished product.

Soon everyone was coming in to get involved.  They were eating them faster than we could make them though.

while making kebobs, some were playing chess in the school room.

Bojan had friends over as well.  Nice they let the little kids hang out with them.

Bojan wondering what his next move will be.

Our shot at the Grinch kebobs.  As seen on Pinterest.

More work.  Would have been easier just to eat the fruit separately.

I promised them Grinch popcorn but no one wanted popcorn except Nik as we also had cake that evening.  But, Reni was a sweet sister and helped him make regular popcorn anyhow.