Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Night

Well, it's Friday and rather quiet around here so a little time to write.  Irina is at work.  All the teens are at a church event for a few hours.  Just Max, myself and the littles.  Quiet.  Well, compared to when they're all here.  Today speech therapist came by.  I had to go to ortho.  Wearing a splint for a month and then an MRI.  Doc is guessing a ligament tear most likely but I'm hoping the splint works.  Time will tell.  Sofie is croupy sounding but more asthmatic than anything.  Irina used to get the same way.  Not worried.  Nik was the same as well.  Just kicking myself that I thought we were done w/ all that so I gave away our nebulizer.  My mammogram came back normal so that was nice news.  Nothing much else going on really.  We seriously purged ALL the girls' clothing.  All of it.  Feels great and they can get to things better and nothing is in the closets that doesn't fit.  Put too big clothes in the attic for when they grow into it.  A friend is coming to pick up some toys that the girls decided they don't want any more.  Letting them do the purging helps as well.  They kept all Barbies and almost all baby dolls so that shows you where their interests are.  Tomorrow is a very, very busy day.  Miracle League baseball, church fall festival, and Miracle League party.  Gone all day.  Oh, and tree being cut down at old house.  Sunday is just as busy with two different guests coming over.  And church Christmas program practice starts as well.  Youth group for the teens/ young adults. 

Last weekend, we got home and the girls had two velvet dresses waiting for them.  And hats.

I think they were happy about it.  A sneak peak b/c this is what I decided our Christmas picture colors should blue and gold.  We'll see how it goes b/c I still don't have something for everyone.

There is no rhyme or reason for this picture.  Just Nate being goofy with Reni.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pretzel Proud

So, my homeschoolers have been learning how to cook.  Actually, a lot of them self-teaching which is great.  We have a big kitchen and plenty of space for multiple people to work.  The other day, they wanted to learn to make pretzels.  Found a pinterest recipe. Of course. 

Umm, first attempt the dough was a bit soupy.

Not sure they knew what to do with it at that point.

They still wanted to give it a shot.  This was the first batch attempt.

Alex and Reni did the second batch attempt.  I think they thought flour would answer those soupy dough problems.

Working hard, that's for sure.

These were some fat pretzels.  That is not powdered sugar you see.  Nope, just a lot  a little flour.

They had this down pat.

Pour Isabelle volunteered to cut onions for dinner as we still hadn't eaten dinner at this point.

And the finished product of the first batch.

I must say they do not look pretty but they tasted SO good!  Trust me, we were all stunned at the outcome.

Couple of trays of pretzels.

some of the first taste testers.

And more taste testing going on.

These were most definitely a Pinterest hit and we are making them again for sure this week.  Very nice.  First time took them like four hours.  Next time took them around 30 minutes. they are learning!  LOL.  I am proud though how they are working together and finding recipes they want to try. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Manic Monday

Just a filled week for sure.  So, let's get started.

  • Kids are loving the new mattresses
  • No 4-H this week
  • Church event on Friday
  • Youth group & AWANAS
  • Going to the library
  • Irina's ear is worse than before
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Digby needs grooming
  • Cooler out lately
  • Found out how much propane will be this winter and about fell over
  • PPR is due again
  • Enjoyed a weekend with friends
  • Have gotten a ton of free clothes lately (telling you how in another post)
  • Max got a job at Revlon
  • Irina & Max will be working the same shift
  • We are nowhere near ready for Halloween
  • RV needs cleaning
  • RV needs inspecting
  • Need to fix screens at old house
  • Bojan has early release
  • Need to return something to Zulily
  • Looking for Christmas dresses for girls
  • Trying to figure out Thanksgiving
  • Need to write a thank you
  • Boys are going fishing soon w/ a neighbor
  • Boys are working at neighbors this week
  • Mammogram results this week
  • Need to put Summer's bed together
  • Speech and OT this week
  • I have an orthopedic appointment for my wrist this week
  • Miracle League Baseball
  • No birthdays till December
  • Kids still need some clothes
  • Starting exercise this week
More bits and pieces going on.  Have school to do today so need to get back to work with the kids.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mattress Madness

Last weekend, Bojan's school held a mattress fundraiser with some killer deals.  Now, majority of us have not had new mattresses.  It was time.  We tired to find deals last year at our old place and called several mattresses.  Told them we need at least ten new twin sets and 1 king.  Can you cut us a deal.  No was the answer I received every single time. Also checked out Sam's and the like.  could never do it.  Well, decided to email the person in charge of the fundraiser and ask him questions.  We talked throughout the week, sent me pictures and prices.  Told him what I wanted to do.  So, this weekend was delivery day.  We were gone at Camp Woodbine (separate post tomorrow) and came back to this:

This was quite the stack to come home to.

What we ended up getting was four new complete twin sets and then 1 twin mattress for Nate.  Nate and Nik will have a new bed.  I have decided against the medical bed though his doc will approve one.  More on all that later too.

This is Sofie's bed.  I'll be painting the bed at some point.

You truly don't realize the shape of your old mattresses till the new ones arrived.  I was ashamed to be honest.  These are pillow top ones too.  Sofie, Summer, Alyona, Nik and Nate got new mattresses this go around.  We are hoping in a few months we can get the rest of the kids new ones as well as us.  The mattress place will honor the fundraiser prices for us too!  

The only draw back to the new mattresses is they are thick.  Why is that a drawback?  Because we now have literally no sheets that fit them.  Not a one.  Eventually, we'll work on that.  Nik was sleeping on a bunkie board and thin mattress I discovered.  I was truly angry about that.  See, I never checked over the boys when we moved in here.  I let them set up the beds.  Apparently, they thought it was okay to screw over their little brother and what bed he got.  We had extra box springs too!  Not like they couldn't have given him one.  The mattress set was originally going to a different son but when I discovered Nik's bed, I nixed that idea and said they can wait till next time.  Just was not right doing that to their brother.  Now Nik never complained but still wasn't nice.  Nik complains now his mattress is too high.  LOL.  He'll get used to it though.  Now, we have 4 more complete new sets to get after these.  Phew.  We'll get there.