Friday, October 16, 2015

Homeschool Science Interrupted

Though we're studying volcanoes and such, we gladly welcomed a change the other day.  See, Bojan's teacher had given him extra owl pellets to dissect.  You know, owl vomit.  LOL.  So yesterday we interrupted our normal routine to dissect something.  Bojan has fall break now so he was able to do this with the kids.  Explain it and all. 

The look on Isabelle's face is priceless as Bojan is telling what this is exactly.


And this is what owl vomit looks like.  thrilled, I'm sure.

Again with their faces.  Logan is none to thrilled at the thought of cutting this open.

They are so happy his teacher gave him extras for our family at home.

Ahh, interest is peaked a bit more as it is opened.

What?  The girls seem a bit more interested than the boys.

Bojan was very patient in explaining things to them.

Just look at some of the bones that were being uncovered in that.  Skulls too!

Well, Isabelle was a bit more interested than she thought she'd be.

Even the younger ones wanted in on the action of finding bones and skulls that the owl had swallowed at one point.  

Nice impromptu science lesson about owls and dissecting owl pellets.  Notice Alex and Logan did not stay long.  LOL.  They definitely all enjoyed this science lesson for sure. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Master of Disaster

That is Nate...the Master of Disaster.  Doesn't matter the day, somehow, some way, he will find trouble.  And the things you don't think can make a mess, end up making one. 

In typical toddler fashion, Nate can find trouble.  The other day, he found a Yoplait yogurt container left on the counter.  You'd think he'd discovered gold.  Came around the corner to this.  He is literally covered in it.  Head to toe!

Down the cabinets.

With blueberries on teh floor all smushed up.  It took Reni and I forever to clean up this mess.  Worse than the flour he gets into.  He had an impromptu bath that night too.  Hey, at least he's exploring.

I know this doesn't look like much.  Max vacuuming with little brother watching.

When he was first home, we had to take him out of the house in order for us to vacuum.  Now, he holds the cord for Max.

Nate gets upset now when he shuts the vacuum off!  Progress.  Lots and lots of progress. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday-- quick update

Irina is still in bad shape.  Really, really dizzy.  Can only lay down.  Throws up whenever she gets up.  Called doc and nurse said it is not normal at this juncture.  She was going to ask the doctor and get back to me.  I called back and 4:00 and left another message.  No one got back to me today.  Not too happy about that with a post op patient.  I know it has to do with her inner ear but need answers as to how long it should go on.  Because according to him, she could have gone back to work today.  Yep, no way  yet.  Can't even stand.  If not better in the morning, taking her to the ER as it can't go on but for so long. 

Nate is getting better so antibiotics were needed for sure.  He's returning to his old self but still grumpy. I took care of a ton of paperwork stuff today.  Our car loan bank told us they never got a copy of our insurance.  Redid that one.  Made all sorts of appointments.  Talked to the Duke neuro team.  Developmental people. Sofie's appointment is in November.  I had a mammogram. Trouble was when I got there, they had no doctor's order for it.  Waited for doc to fax it over and then be seen.  Much quicker than previous ones I've had so kind of wondering about that.  We'll see in about a week how that went. 

Tomorrow I have a doc appointment.  Therapist comes to the house tomorrow for speech.  Other things to take care of.  Hoping to get caught up.  Alex and Logan volunteered to be in the dunk tank this weekend at Camp Woodbine.  Should be hilarious.  Can't wait for a fun weekend.  More to share, more pics to come but obviously with a sick child and a surgical patient, been busy.  Tomorrow should be a bit better with things.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

School and Therapy

We homeschool all but Bojan now.  Alyona is more on life skills and Sofie/ Summer, basics.  The rest I'm trying to prepare as best I can for high school.  Bojan's school and I have spoken at length and are still trying to ascertain if that school would be the best option for them given academic delays/ learning disabilities.  For now, I'm going at their pace and making sure they learn a concept before we move on. 

Some of the kids working on rocks/minerals worksheets.  Though we have a school room too, we seem to always end up at the kitchen table.

Alyona does therapy.  Part of it is to teach her life skills and build up hand strength.  This involves cooking.  Lots and lots of cooking.

She made apple crisp last week.  Yumm.  She's also made dirt cake.  We're going to teach her how to make bread as well.

Reni, enjoying an apple break before getting back to work.  Tuesdays we have 4-H club, Wednesdays we have library and church, Fridays, we'll be having group meetings w/ other homeschoolers.  3 days out of the week other activities for school.  We also do additional stuff.  The other week we had a Halloween party to go to and a science lab in the evening we went to.  Don't want you think they live in this kitchen.  LOL. 

Nate exploring his world.  He loves water and so when it rains, he wants to sit in it.  He's going to be one disappointed kid when fall hits and it cools off.

While we do school, Max is still job hunting.  Until he finds one, he 'works' for Mom and Dad.  Odd jobs.  This day, he was fixing a mixer.  Cleaned it all out and works so much better now.  He's done a lot of our minor repairs, etc.  I will miss the resident handyman once he gets a full time job. 

Irina's Surgery/ Nate's Sick

As you can tell by the title, busy day.  So, let's start with Irina.  No sleep last night for me b/c Nate was sick.  Irina had to be at the hospital at 6:30.  Luckily, we live 5 miles from it.  Supposed to be a twenty minute or so surgery.  Knew when they hadn't called me back that something was up.  Sure enough, doc came out to talk to me.  Surgery ended up being about an hour.  He said there was a lot of glue in her ear.  As much as he tried, he could not get it all and it was just tight.  See, she accidentally poured super glue in her ear.  Grabbed the wrong bottle in the dark.  ER, doc, specialist and now surgery.  Her hearing is effected as well.  So, we go back in about a week or so to see how it is.  If not gone by then, he will consult his colleagues and Duke and we take it from there.  Meaning, more surgery, I'm sure.  She has been sleeping all day and very nauseous and dizzy. 

Next, we have Nate.  And a new doc here that really doesn't think I know what I'm talking about.  Her and I have gone a few rounds already.  She's a nurse practitioner.  Normally, I have great experience with them.  But this one and I clash it seems.  On many areas.  Why do you think he has a UTI?  Hmm, let me think.  I'll spare you the details of what I told her.  I also told her to check his ears.  We have to pin him down for this.  I said you have to be quick.  She said why?  Now, she knows him.  The whole office knows him and the why of it all.  Really, they do.  Yep, left ear red and infected.  She said well, since we can't collect a urine sample from him, we can't really say if he has a UTI.  fine.  I will give you antibiotics for the ear infection though.  Will it cover the UTI in case he has one?  I'm not sure but it may cover both.  Not the answer I wanted.  It's been three days, he's had a low grade fever, etc.  I KNOW when he's sick.  That, and he doesn't really move and is SO clingy.  I think some of the issue is they don't think I know anything b/c Nate can't speak.  Ahh, but it's b/c of that reason that I'm all that more in tune with him and how he feels. 

BTW, this is the same NP that when I told her my former breast doctor require I have a digital mammogram every time, asked what that was.  Thinking this lady and I may not be a match.  I'll give it a few more times.  But, if I tell you I don't want the flu vaccine one more time, I'm out.  I'm allergic to eggs.  Found that out by having the flu vaccine one year.  Never again.  And that year, was the one year I got sick.  A lot.  May be a coincidence but not taking chances. 

Anyhow, Nate has been miserable the last few days.  Hoping tomorrow he is on the upswing.  So, my time today has been very preoccupied to say the least.  Tomorrow, mammogram for me, library and AWANAS.  Today they went to 4-H club with Max.  Did some art.  Came home, gave them a science quiz they all did horrible on.  Stayed in to study same material.  At least they know when I say study, I mean it. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Manic Monday

Another week has passed.  Truly, it seems to be flying by lately.  So much to catch up on in the blog world.  Since MOnday though, we'll start off w/ happenings this week.

  • Irina has surgery tomorrow on her ear
  • Irina's been working at Revlon for a few weeks now
  • Max is still looking for work
  • Boys have been doing odd jobs for neighbors
  • A neighbor is going to come teach us some cooking skills this week (an awesome cook she is!)
  • A neighbor is going to take the boys fishing two at a time
  • Camp Woodbine (deaf/HOH) is this weekend
  • Bojan is getting in volunteer hours lately for school
  • My kids helped out at school's mattress fundraiser this past weekend
  • We bought some mattresses to replace the VERY outdated ones (need more sets but just can't do it at the moment.  They agreed to honor these prices for next time!)
  • Kids have been working on the yard lately and looks great
  • Going to lyme and seed the yard this week
  • Halloween decorations are up
  • Therapies this week
  • Need to do surveys
  • Need to give dogs a bath
  • Need to organize Nate's closet
  • Nate needs a winter coat
  • We cleaned the house big time this past weekend
  • Kids have youth group this week
  • Kids have AWANAS
  • Nate is still having sleeping issues
  • Nate needs a bed solution
  • We got 3 girls new (Craigslist) beds so they don't have to share (they are thrilled)
  • New mattresses arrive Saturday
  • Picking up a friend from the airport Saturday 
  • RV needs inspecting
  • RV needs new windshield wiper blade due to stray basketball (URGHH)
  • Not sure if RV will make it after this next trip
  • Sofie is now 6yo
  • 4-H club this week
  • I have a mammogram this week
  • Still haven't heard from kids' new dentist
  • Nate went to doc today.  Ear infection and possible UTI.  Antibiotics started
Much more happening but with surgery tomorrow and 4-H club, need to get things done.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nik's Birthday

The other day, October 3rd, was Nik's birthday.  I can't believe he is a teenager!  A teenager!  I now have 7 teens in the house. Crazy.  Very crazy.  We don't do birthday parties any more.  Was getting too hard, too expensive and too sad for some of the kids that don't really have friends to invite.   So, we do a birthday bash once a year which is usually a trip.  Can't do a trip this year so in November, taking them all to defy gravity and then out to dinner.  They are  excited as are we.  We never get to go out to eat so this will be a real treat for all of us.  Plus, they've been wanting to go to defy gravity for a while.  So, when it is their birthday, we make whatever cake or item they want. 

Even though we technically don't get presents, sometimes if we're out, they end up w/ some anyways.  Nik found this shirt to add to his Minecraft obsession.

Umm, this is called no time to decorate.  He wanted me to write Minecraft so I did.  He picked out  the candles.  Hey, we do what works and what they want here.

 Summer and Sofie waiting for cake.

Impatiently waiting for cake.  My fashionista in her hat and pajamas.  got to love it.

We didn't get to celebrate b/c we were gone all day.  Thsi was at like 11 at night that day.  

Trying to get a picture with everyone but no one knew where Alyona was.

Best we could do even though Max was trying to light Logan's hair on fire.

And let the singing begin.

Nik is always looking at the camera.  Nate wasn't even looking.

But what counted was Nik enjoyed it, we all ate cake and had a pleasant evening.  Now, we all can't wait till the birthday bash in November!  Next birthday is Sofie's tomorrow.