Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Warren's New/ Old Ride

Hmm, need to keep on catching up here, huh?  time really does seem to fly.  September went by extremely fast for us all.  Today, took the little kids to story time at the library. they love it.  Older kids look for books/ dvd's.  Dropped off a package for Nik's friend in TX.  Came home and we had therapies.  Doc cancelled on me for Irina so her appointment is now tomorrow instead, along with an interview for Revlon.  They had church tonight so we got everyone settled late.  Nate is finally asleep right now.  So, I'm headed that way soon.  Tomorrow, Warren is finishing up the old house repairs to make way for hte new renters.  Told the kids we are going nowhere tomorrow except for maybe Ollies b/c we need a few supplies for fun Friday.  We're attempting that monster wreath that was all over Facebook.  We'll see how it turns out.  Pinterest art projects are great.  Don't worry, we're going to study great artists next semester. 

Playing catch up.  We'd been looking at cars for quite some time.  Held off for as long as we could.  See, Warren commutes quite a ways daily.  His car was dying a slow death. Though it is still with us, it had gotten to the point we were both extremely nervous of him being on the highway.  For now, Max is using the car.  It is okay short distances but we don't trust it going far.  Let's just put it that way.  At least close to home, one of us can go pick someone up if broken down.  More difficult to do on I-85.  Now, it's hard for us to want to go look at cars.  Really, when your cars are paid for, you keep them as long as they run.  Or, at least we do :)  We had requirements for a vehicle.  Obviously, used.  Decent shape.  Seats at least four and had to be super on gas due to commuting.  He did research and we came across a great deal.  Remember, last few vans we've ever bought were on ebay.  This one happened to be at a local dealer.  Went to take a look.  They had all maintenance records,was owned by a local and low miles.  The car looked way too new for us.  No kid prints on it!  Warren's car was so bad, we did not realize just how bad it was till we test drove this one.  Oh my.  We thought it was broken b/c there were no noises.  For once, my husband didn't need ear plugs to drive to work.  And a radio that worked was like icing on teh cake for him.  What did he end up getting?

It's a 2008 Honda Hybrid.  Great on gas so our gas expenses are way down which is weird at the pump he says.  Very smooth riding car and so, so quiet.  Not sure if that is the norm or b/c our other car was broken so badly.  LOL.  Either way, nice for a change to be able to think.

Inside has navy blue seats.  I know, took it w/ a mess in it but oh well.  That bracelet on the floor was Irina's ER visit bracelet.  The kids like riding in it as it is a newer model than most things we have so it lights up quite a bit.  Van is a 2012 but very basic so no bells and whistles.  The electronic dash is weird to get used to.  And the fact that it just stops at red lights is kind of creepy.  Total engine off.  Battery life is still good with this one.  We are very pleased with what we'd found.  We had been looking for a long time but never really thought of getting one.  Warren's commute is long and it was just not safe having him in the other car for extended periods.  Around town, not fast, okay.  On the highway, not a good idea.  It was time.  The people were great and not pushy one bit.  Was just a pleasant experience over all.  And a deal way better than anticipated.  So happy he has a ride and no more worrying at home about when he leaves work.  Kind of a stress reliever for both of us.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Miracle League-- game 1

Our four youngest have joined Miracle League.  So Nate, Sofie, Summer and Nik play baseball every Saturday morning.  It is for special needs. They each have a buddy who also help to cheer them on.

This was Sofie's first time to bat. Learning what to do.

And no, she has no trouble swinging the bat.  They get uniforms next week which will be cool.

Summer, doing her thing.  She was all smiles playing ball.

Alex is Nik's buddy.  Most the time in the outfield, those two throw the ball to each other.  This pic finally caught them standing still.

And Nate is up to bat.  With a lot of help from big brother Bojan.

The braid brigade watching their siblings.

At the end, they get to do the cha-cha slide.

Me trying to help Nate dance.  Umm, this was one of his sleepless nights and therefore, one of mine.  I was dead on my feet.

Close up of some smiles from Isabelle.

More dancing action from teh bunch.

The older kids actually like helping out which I thought was great.  I thought they'd find it boring but nope.  All have asked to go.  We go every Saturday morning.  In Youngsville if anyone wants to come see.  Just ask.  GReat time to be sure!  Gives the kids a lot of self-confidence to boot.

Manic Monday

This has been such a sleepless weekend.  Phew.  Glad it's over.  Time to start fresh w/ a great big busy week ahead of us. So here are a few happenings around here. 

  • lots and lots of therapies for hte kids this week
  • 4-H club
  • Youth group
  • Miracle League game for four of them
  • Older teens are buddies for Miracle League
  • Bojan has prosthetic appointment
  • Irina gets her ear looked at by a specialist (super glue fiasco)
  • Story time at the library
  • Friends coming over for grilling on the weekend
  • Warren on call
  • We think Digby is going deaf and blind
  • Alaska is still crazy
  • Boys broke the trailer for hte mower today
  • Did yard work today
  • Have tons of paper work I haven't done
  • Doing earth science stuff for school
  • Bojan looking into driver's ed and what it will take for him to have hand controls
  • Want to switch girls to twin beds
  • Sofie learned to ride a bike
  • Going through Halloween costumes
  • Almost done fixing up the old house
  • Had to have dead tree cut down at old house
  • Have overdue library books kids can't find (lovely)
  • Cars need fixing
  • Kids were given a surprise plasma car this week
  • Still working on adoption databases
much, much more happening and tons of pictures to follow this week to catch you all up.