Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fun Fridays (Pinterest Success/ Fail)

Today is Saturday.  Been a busy day or two here.  We have a guest stayign with us for the weekend.  We went to Miracle League baseball for the first time today.  So much fun.  Nik, Summer, Sofie and Nate are playing.  Some of my older kids are buddies.  Just was a nice time.  Despite me leaving the diaper bag there.  Then, went to a local Hot Sauce Festival.  Teens went off their way and tried the hottest candy in the world.  They regretted that decision.  Summer and Nik tried hot sauce like daddy.  We didn't stay long.  Nice little festival but really was a lot of food booths/ vendors set up.  Still, nice to walk around a bit more.  Pictures in a few days once I load them. 

On Fridays here, we have fun Fridays for school.  Craft activities, experiments.  This week, we made flubber, dandelion artwork, and going to make play dough tomorrow.  We also get ideas off Pinterest for some of these. 

Trying to get every last bit of glue out of the bottles.

Sofie enjoying a blow pop before starting art.

Reni and a friend making flubber.

This was so simple and definitely a Pinterest win by all!

Nik and Summer playing with it.  We made two batches of it.

Some of the kids getting started on their dandelion artwork.

Summer said hers look like coconut trees.

Nik is working hard.  He is my meticulous child.

Reni and Alyona working on their projects.

Logan made a whole field of dandelions which was cool.  It truly was neat seeing how all of them had such a different take on the same project.  NIcely done.  Tomorrow, we're doing the play dought we didn't finish.  Keep you posted on all the success/ fails of Pinterest.  So far though, not too bad. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Nik's Runner

Nik has a running buddy as well.  His buddy lives in VA.  She is a very sweet lady who logs in miles for Nik.  Today, Nik got a package in the mail.  And we all know how Nik loves to get mail.  Especially, if it has something in it for him. 

patiently waiting for me to take a picture.

Nik, getting started on his package.

Realized quickly he'd have to utilize scissors to do the job.  He was careful to look so he made sure he wouldn't cut anything. I was kind of actually impressed by that.

The look on his face says it all.  Truly does.

He is just looking at the medal and all the colors of it.

Nik with his hat and medal from his running buddy Juri.

Another picture pose.

It is as though he won the medal himself he is SO proud of it.  He loves checking the mail to see if he got any.  Made his day today to be sure!  Thanks for putting all those miles in for Nik.  Makes a difference to him.

Therapies are Back!

Boy oh boy have we missed therapy.  Long story of why it was absent but it is back and kids are back to learning to be more independent for sure.  Lots of life skills too.

So, my driveway is now colorful thanks to therapy today.  

Sofie was showing me what she made.  A self- portrait.  And she made her bed and a lamp in another part of the sidewalk.

Sofie I do believe enjoyed herself today.

 Summer worked on some skills inside today such as buttons, zippers and tying.  Just perfecting a little of what she knows already.  Logan is doing some school work.  This is technically our school room hence the constant paper mess. 

Alyona made us all homemade pizzas for lunch.  I think I can get used to this.  

We are very, very relieved the therapies are back and the kids are loving it.  They dearly miss their old speech therapist b/c they had her for years.  However, they are liking Ms. Kelly now too so I think they will survive.  And love how she is working with Summer on reading comprehension as well.  Shoot, she did 60 words with Nik today!  Off to the right start for sure. 

Catching up

I know I have been MIA this week but it has been chaotic for a better lack of words.  Nate hasn't slept much this week.  Irina accidentally poured super glue in her ear and went to the ER.  6 of us were sick w/ some stomach bug but luckily for a day.  Doc appointments, therapies started back up, etc. it has just been hectic.  But, we have been keeping busy here as well so plan on posting some pictures the next few posts.  Tomorrow is the kids' first day of Miracle League baseball and we can't wait.  There is also a local Hot Sauce Festival that we plan on going to as well.  I will try to do better at posting but do more FB posting now.  In addition, trying to create a database within the adoption community.  That will be even more time consuming.  Anyhow, just wanted to touch base since I hadn't written since Tuesday and say we're still here.  Just living life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Manic Monday

Well, a bunch of us are sick so this may be quick.  Here goes.

  • Six of us and the dog are sick
  • Had a great weekend w/ friends
  • PT came today for Nate
  • OT, speech for multiple kids this week
  • therapy for one child (behavioral therapy)
  • Getting organized for fall by sorting all their clothes this week
  • Need to register Warren's car
  • RV still needs inspecting
  • Need to pay bills
  • Still working on old house
  • New tenants moving in soon
  • Still in love with our new dryer (what a gracious gift!)
  • Making multiple appointments for kids
  • Missed 4-H club today as all of us sick
  • Filling out more paper work
  • AWANAS start this week for 5 of the kids
  • Warren goes to dentist
  • All Warren's bloodwork, tests indicate he is completely healthy except for needing to lose weight.  So working on that next
  • Library is this week as is story time
  • Had some pinterest fails and successes this past week
  • Deciding on whether to get Nate a medical bed or not.  Torn.
  • Miracle League starts this weekend
  • Friend is spending the weekend here
  • Hot Sauce festival is here this weekend
And more I could yap about, I'm sure of it.  But for now, not feeling well so signing of till later tonight.