Friday, September 4, 2015

"No One Wants to Play with Me"

I was crushed today.  I heard this from Sofie.  To us, we don't see her as different.  We just don't.  She is just Sofie to us.  I have never seen her as special needs.  It doesn't click to me.  But, it hit me today.  No one wanted to play with her or Summer at the pool.  Not a single soul. I tried to help them in how to ask to play, what to say.  Encouraged them to take the ball over and ask the girls if they wanted to play.  Nothing.  I watched Sofie several times try her hardest to interact with others at the pool.   I don't know if it is because they don't understand her or see her as different.  It's honestly heartbreaking to watch.  Truly is.  I said to them both, that's okay, you have plenty of brothers and sisters that will play with you.  Maybe the kids will play with you next time.  Said it a little loud hoping they'd pay attention and hear.  Or that the parents would see the faces of Sofie and Summer.  I know they are different but they're great kids.  Who wouldn't want to play with them?! 

I know as they get older, socialization is going to be an issue.  It already is.  They don't like to really talk too much to new kids.  Maybe it's because they know they won't interact back.  There are very few places my kids feel at ease.  Same with Nik.  Deaf camp and Bulgarian Reunion come to mind.  No one judges in those places and I don't think other neurotypical kids have the same expectations in those places that they do in others.  I wonder what next week will bring.  My kids start a 4-H club.  Will others notice my kids are 'different?'  will they want to sit next to them?  will they attempt to talk to them?  My kids are very social children.  And don't get me wrong, they do talk to people.  But more and more as they get older, I notice things like this.  The pool, the playgrounds, etc.  And I can see they are starting to understand more and more they are a bit different.  Though not treated that way at home, they are elsewhere and I need to prepare them for that a little better.  

I guess as a special needs parent, I just never thought of my kids as special needs.  They were just, well, kids.  Yes, I know they reached and are still reaching milestones differently.  And that's perfectly fine with me.  But maybe I did them a disservice in the same token.  They feel 'normal.'  Which you may say is fantastic.  But now, now it is hard as they are older.  Others not wanting to play or even interact.  No wonder they tend to go off together to play.  I do believe there is hope though.  Maybe it is the way people are taught or how they teach their kids.  Because the new church we are going to, all open arms, Sofie, Summer and Nik played right along side the kids.  Was this way at the other church too.  So maybe it isn't so much my kids per say but maybe other kids not being taught to be as accepting?  Not sure.  Maybe a combination of things.  I just hope in the future my kids feel as young adults, accepted.  Right now, my older ones are really struggling with this.  And that is okay.  We are still here for them.  As always.  It is hard to say what our role as parents should be in this situation.  Do we make them feel normal?  Do we let them know they're different?  I never really thought of this before b/c truly, we just see them as kids.  I never took into consideration other kids may be nervous to talk to them b/c they sound different, look different, or can't speak.  It never occurred for me to prep my kids for this.  If any of you have ideas that may help, do let me know.  But then again, I can teach them like I was at the pool, but if other kids aren't receptive, how do I handle that?  And this is not the first incident.  It's the first time I'm becoming more aware and trying to deal with such things.  I guess I'm always learning as a parent too.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reni and Alyona's Artwork

I've posted Logan and Bojan's artwork when they visited their grandparents.  Now, it's time to share Reni and Alyona's work.  Each time my kids go to their Nana's house, she works on a piece with them to bring home.  It's great! 

This was alyona's artwork now hanging in our living room.  Awesome, huh?

And this is Reni's hanging in the living room.  Beautiful, isn't it?!  Love the artwork they did  and looks great in the house.  Can't wait to see the others.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Most Tolerant Dogs Ever

Digby and Alaska were made for kids.  Truly, they were.  We were never sure how Digby would be with kids being that he was a rescue from a horrible situation where they treated him terribly.  But, he is without a doubt, our mellow fellow.  Nate was standing on him the other day to get around the coffee table.  Standing on him!  Both dogs are gentle with the kids and that includes when they feed them. 

Nate is able to get right up to Alaska.  He just took her chewy away.

Another one of the kids trying to give it back to her but Nate kept taking it out of her mouth.

She gets it again.  Notice Digby is quietly hidden in the back.  Usually, he'll go outside to chew his and bury it.  

And she doesn't even snap at him.  No snapping, no growling, no nothing.  She goes with the flow.  Like I said, we have some very tolerant dogs to put up with all our kids. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Manic Monday

Well, once again the busy weekend escaped me.  So, back to writing during the week on more of a schedule.  Here's a little of what is happening:

  • shed from old house was moved to our new home today
  • Warren had a medical procedure this morning and doing great.  Healthy.
  • both dogs got a bath this past weekend
  • completed paperwork for Summer
  • completed neurology paperwork for Nate
  • completed new therapy paperwork for all
  • new speech therapist coming this week
  • another child has therapy this week
  • youth group this week
  • kids all signed up for 4-H
  • having to find 4 different songs for 4  youngest for Miracle League
  • Miracle League starts in September
  • may or may not sign up Summer and Sofie for cheerleading
  • kids start AWANAS soon
  • reorganizing school room
  • Sofie wrote on the windows in said school room
  • still have to work on old house
  • new renters moving in soon
  • too many sleepless nights lately 
  • going to the library
  • planning day trips (lots of free things to do out there folks!  Places to see)
  • think it will be a fun school year
  • kids were thinking of Halloween costumes already this year
  • need to be creative this year so need to make costumes
  • Bojan is liking his new school 
  • Max needs to pay his ticket from a few months ago
  • Going through all girls winter clothes this week to see if missing anything
Lots going on and it has been busy.  But slowly getting things where they need to be.  More to update this week.