Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friends are the Best

So we have been going back and forth working on our old house to fix it up.  Was unkept and rather disgusting.  Hard to see your home like that that you loved w/ all your heart and soul.  But, we must carry on so fixing it up.  Meantime, every time we have been back there, friends have stopped by to either say hello, bring us stuff like fresh lemonade or drinks, or even help out.  It has been wonderful

When working last weekend, a friend and her son came to help.  He helped by keeping mine entertained.  

So, they all sat down to share a Coke and a smile.

Their friend Dimitri is one of the little boys I used to babysit for.  My kids love him to pieces!

They were just all so happy together.  they treat him like one of their own brothers.  It's awesome to see.

I came outside at one point to find this.  Everyone just gathered round chit chatting.

Sharing a few stories, a few laughs, catching up.

One of the boys' friends gave Logan a ride on the dirt bike.

They all watched as he drove around the yard.  Was nice to see.  Almost like they were watching a movie.  It was peaceful, relaxing after all the hard work that day.  Sun was shining.

They were learning something new about the dirt bike.

It was more about just a dirt bike ride. It was friends stopping by to say hello.  It was the fact that people cared enough to do that.  Cared enough to help out.  Cared enough to bring drinks for us.  Cared enough just to say hello, we haven't forgotten you.  I think that was great for the kids to experience.  We have to go back this weekend.  Tomorrow in fact.  People have already said they'd stop by and say hello.  Some, coming to help out.  Those are what true friends are.  Can not say we don't have great friends.  Can not say we don't miss them.  We all miss our old friends dearly.  Though some themselves were also moving away.  It is nice to know though, we will always have wonderful friends. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Kids Cooking

In our home, we let the kids cook.  They also help with dinner too.  they are wanting to explore recipes of their own as well.  Sometimes this is good, sometimes, not so much.  And now, they check out cook books at the library so they can experiment.  Logan's birthday is this weekend and Irina checked out a cookbook today and he picked out his own cake for her to make him.  Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Max chopping up onions.  I think we were making spaghetti sauce that evening.  This kitchen has lots of space to cook and move around in which is nice. 

Irina browning the meat.

Dessert.  Sort of.  Logan decided to make popcorn but didn't want plain popcorn.

He saw a recipe for something a bit different.  So, marshmallows went in to the popcorn.

And then some chocolate syrup went into the bowl.  Reni making sure enough was put on there.

And more chocolate syrup of course.  LOL.  But, I think it is wonderful they all want to cook something and not just desserts.  Logan and Max really do grill a lot of our food.  Irina has been cooking a lot and starting to teach Reni and Isabelle.  Though, I have to do some fill in as we tend to double or triple recipes.  Great for working on those math skills though.  Tomorrow, all are prepping for the pork fried rice Warren is making for dinner that evening.  

Need to head to bed.  Nate is asleep.  Others are in bed.  I need to finish that never ending pile of paperwork but it will get done.  Turning in kids' 4-H papers and calling some doc offices.  Speech eval team is coming out this coming Monday for all the kids here that need speech.  Excited to get started but will miss our old therapist dearly.  Hope this one can handle us all.  LOL.  Many more posts forthcoming.  House happenings as well.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bojan's New School

Bojan is entering 10th grade and will be going to a local charter school here.  So new, it is all trailers.  They are in process of building the new school for it this year.  So, classes are extremely small.  About 15 per class. They have 8th through 12th grade.  We love the school and the staff thus far.  They have been wonderful.  They prepare the kids for college and life in general. They are required to do community service each year in order to graduate.  They can graduate w/ a high school diploma and an associates degree.  I have a chance to send Alex and my other 8th graders this year but just don't think they are quite ready yet.  I have spoken to the EC director there and we may try to prepare them to go next year if they are able.  See, it is a very, very rigorous course of study.  Think more honors classes for regular classes.  I do feel it is an excellent opportunity though and will try my best to get them in for next year to start high school.  Just hesitant about sending this year.  So, this year, just one in public school and the rest homeschooled.  Next year, may have 5 in public school and the rest homeschooled.  So up in the air right now as to what is best for them academically and what all they can handle.  We will figure it out. 

We also went to the library today.  My kids love the library now.  And are reading more.  Also a plus.  Their 4-H classes starting in September along w/ library activities in September and possibly homeschool tennis.  Getting there.  We've started school here August 3rd.  And kids are doing well thus far.  Easing them into it.  Math being added next week. 

Making arrangements to go back to our old home this coming weekend.  It is a long, long process and still mulling over what is best to do with our home.  anyhow, need to get to bed b/c Nate actually fell asleep.  We have a busy day tomorrow too.  More to come tomorrow. 

Sofie & Nate's Eye Appointments

Well, both did better than I thought they would.  Sofie is a little farsighted so no biggie.  no corrections needed.  She can't yet read the letters but could say her ABC's.  Nate let him really get a good look into his eyes.  Nate has a lot of trouble outside in the sun.  Notice this when we go to the pool or transfer to a different room.  Doc said he most definitely has a sensitivity to light.  Sunglasses or a hat for him when outside or in a bright room.  Thankfully, he seems to like a new hat he got.  Otherwise, just a little farsighted.  So all in all, a very good optometry visit for Sofie and Nate.  No one else has to go for quite some time so we are good on the eyes for another year for most all of us.  Everyone who needed new glasses got them.  And, we found a place we like.  Doctor is our neighbor just like in our old neighborhood.  What are the odds?  LOL.  Some kids have even chosen a new look this year like Nik. 

This is Nik with his new glasses look he got last month.  And of course, with his favorite toy.  This is the second one he's had since we moved here.  He loves this toy and plays it all day everyday.  Hence, why we are on toy #2.  More posts to come.  Tomorrow, we have Bojan's orientation.  More on all that tomorrow evening.

Nate's Progress

I will get back to a post regarding our whole housing situation fiasco.  Or should we name it saga?  Either way, I name it a mess both figuratively and literally.  But first, I'd rather do pictures and some updates.  This is post number 3 for this evening so not doing so bad.  Will hopefully keep up the pace. Wanted to share some of Nate's progress.  Some of it may be repetitive as I forgot what I posted last time.  But, it's all progress and it's all great! 

  • Nate is walking still
  • Nate is starting to walk fast as in trying to run
  • He can guess which hand you have the coin in even when trying to trick him.  100% right.
  • Plays with toys
  • Manipulates stairs just fine
  • Plays in the water whenever he can...dogs bowl, toilet to name two favorites
  • He makes a mess, he tries to clean it up with a towel
  • Slept 2 days straight for 12 hours each night
  • Seems to be sleeping through most nights now
  • Was playing with the dog
  • Falls and gets right back up
  • Shows displeasure when brothers tease him by yelling at them
So many more little things too that have been progress.  It is wonderful to see.  Praying it continues.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nate's Favorite Broken Toy

Recently, Nate has started playing more and more.  Those on my Facebook page have seen some videos of that.  One of his favorite toys was a telephone. 

A neighbor had a yardsale and insisted we take this toy.  Nate LOVES it!  After this, he was walking around with it pulling the string.

Then, the wheels fell off.  But, still played with it.

Then this happened.  Beyond repair and playing with.  Can you tell those are Max's hands?  LOL.

This was his favorite toy day in and day out since he got it.  Till it fell apart.  I was coming on here to ask where I might find one.  There was no name or manufacturer on this phone.  However, I just searched Amazon and found it.  Can I ask now why this phone is $40?!  Is it me or is that just pricey for a toy?  I did find one for about $15 plus $7.50 shipping so not as bad.  Anyhow, glad I now know where to find it.   I just am happy he is actually playing with a toy.  I have even more Nate progress to share. 

A Nice Neighbor Surprise

First, let me say it has been one heck of a week.  I will fill you in soon for sure.  For now, I'll try to catch up with a few things. 

The other day a neighbor Logan mowed grass for gave the kids a gift.

Our basketball goal was missing a net.

Logan came home w/ a brand new net and immediately went to put it up.  Course the kids were watching.

And then they all got straight to playing some basketball....with a soccer ball.

They did not care.  they were just seriously happy to have a basketball net.  A few days later, a package arrived.  My parents had sent them two brand new basketballs!  they were thrilled.  New net and new basketballs in the same week!  They have played with it everyday since.  So grateful to have wonderful neighbors and family that cares about the kids.  Since our recent house fiasco, even little 'extras' are out for a few months.  So it was a great surprise to have folks fill in some fun  at the moment.  My kids truly love being outside so have some great equipment to play with on a daily basis is wonderful.