Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bugs, Books, and Busy

Phew, what a day today too.  One had therapy this afternoon.  Trouble is, it ran over.  Which in turn put us way behind for VBS.  AS this was happening, Warren called me to tell me to call doc's office and tell him he would be late as stuck in traffic. Storms so traffic was a nightmare as apparently people here can't drive in snow or rain!  So, since I was on eternal hold w/ doc office, Max & Reni took the littles to go to VBS.  Thankful for that.  Warren managed to get in late at doc office.  Everything was great bloodwork wise and such so that was great news as well.  Doc said get more sleep.  Hmm, doc needs to stay with Nate then a few nights.  Great news for everyone regarding doc appointments this week then.  Relieved.  Still waiting for Max to get home.  Should be in about fifteen minutes or so.  Can't wait to hear about it all.  Tomorrow, we have VBS but I do not think we have other appointments.  Or, hope not.  I need a day to do all sorts of paperwork happening here.

We have interesting bugs where we are and kids seem to find them all the time.  Earlier this week, it was a snake.  This night, it was a nice moth on the door.

Nice close up in window.

A dear friend got us a Barnes and Nobles Gift card to start school with.  We found a 75% off table and they were excited about this puzzle.  BTW, it's hard!  It really is.  Only 550 pieces but hard as can be.  Nik was working on it. 

CAme out the other morning to find them all reading books.  Summer had left after I took this picture.  

They really seem into their selections.

Reni was reading to Sofie.  Well, until she realized it was in other languages.  LOL. 

We started school this past Monday here.  Needed to to make up for all the lost time during the move.  Sofie was working on her numbers and very excited.  I started her out on preschool stuff thinking we'd only do a page.  Umm, she blew through 8 pages on her own and wanted more.  It is apparent, she will now start on a kindergarten level.  I think by year's end, I may actually have her on a first grade level.  She really impressed me.

Alyona is now helping Summer with her ABC's and numbers again. Once I get Sofie reading, I will have her help Summer as well.  There is a high likelihood Summer will never read but that does not mean we will give up trying!  She has surprised us many times over.  But reality is, she has multiple brain disorders that truly effect her cognitive abilities.

Summer was trying to help with the puzzle too!

Then Nate came along and there went the puzzle.  Boy were they all disappointed.  They all worked so very hard on that.  Troubles w/ toddlers.  We moved it to higher ground after this one.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Old to New

We were blessed with a wonderful gift from a friend.  Their swingset their kids outgrew.  Combined w/ ours, we figured we can make one nice big one.  So, we got busy. 

Bojan, trying to figure out where to start.

Logan getting started on his side.  BTW, the slide did not stay here. You can really see the difference in the old wood and this new resealer/ stain. 

Isabelle got in on the action but not for too long.  Mostly Logan and Bojan.  The stain came w/ the playset too!  

Backed off to take a picture.

The thing looks massive!  LOL.  We had trapeze bars and teeter toter.  However, our kids get more use out of swings.  So, we decided on all swings.  7 swings, 2 big slides (notice we repositioned it), 2 sandboxes,  rock climbing wall,  and pole to slide down.  Enough to keep them busy.

Closer view.  This was taken before we cleaned up the stain on the green beams.  We just need a canvas for the top and sand to refill sandboxes.  Not bad!  Kids will use this for years to come. 

Keeping Busy

Wow, didn't realize how busy I was this week.  So, today we had appointments.  First three were Isabelle, Summer and Alyona.  Establish as patients/ well checks.  Nothing surprising.  The hit to the head Alyona took from Alex the other day (soccer ball) doc says will be fine and doesn't see a concern.  Alex also hit Reni and Isabelle in the head but claim all three were accidents.  Hmm, should I have him play the lottery w/ those odds?  Summer will go to endocrinology.  With her c-ACC, we need to.  Were told by endocrine to call them in a few years.  Well, it's that time so we'll call.  Isabelle is good as well.  All were great for height and weight.  We almost missed t he appointments this morning until Reni came running in the room. 

After those appointments, came home and had lunch, gave everyone more school work to do.  Left a little time later for Logan's post op appointment.  Fastest appointment ever.  Weren't in there even 2 minutes.  No kidding.  Healed up great, no issues so out we went.  Came home, and then went out w/ Irina for a check of her hand.  Thinks there may be a piece of glass still stuck in possibly.  Give two to three weeks b/c could be part of the healing process.  If glass, may work itself out.  Okie dokie.  Came home. 

Then, all kids left for youth group.  Just Nate and I at home.  The child has learned to climb stairs all the way up now.  Is into everything.  And I mean everything.  We have toddler extreme!  He kept me busy so I got nothing done.  He is still up and it's 11:30.  The child does not sleep.  And yes, tried about everything including sleep meds from neuro.  Nothing.  Working on it. 

Tomorrow, we have library (story time), a therapy session and VBS for a different church.  So, busy tomorrow too it seems.  Also, been talking to insurance to try to get things sorted.  And Realtors, and lawyers, and you know, everyone.  Busy stuff. 

I will not go into details on the blog at the moment.  This month has been tough.  Very, very tough.  Dryer broke, lawn mower broke, weedwacker broke and much more.  One of those when it rains it pours type of months.  And that's okay, we all have them.  In addition, we now must go back to our old home this weekend.  It will be a clean up weekend.  Neighbors have told us it's a mess outside.  We have yet to go inside.  But the yard work alone is something else.  And trash piles.  It will keep us busy all day Saturday b/c we also have to take down the pool.  Long work weekend ahead.  You can figure out what happened, I'm sure.  Limited in what I can say.  But, it appears we will have to attempt to sell our home.  It was under a rent to own contract.  Realtor is getting everything together right now.  We are still flipping back and forth.  With short notice, hard to find new people to rent or sell for that matter.  But, houses are selling in our neighborhood and market is good.  So, fingers crossed.  Max did fix the dryer and part is on order for the lawn mower.   Please  send good vibes our way.  It's hard enough for our kids to go back to a place they love.  Going to be even harder seeing it this way.  Great news is, people coming to help.  Friends always make things go better.  More to come but now you can figure out why I've been so busy lately. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Manic Monday

Finally getting to write at 12:30 in the morning.  Why am I still up?  Because Nate is still up.   Figures b/c last night we all slept.  Tonight, wide awake.  I have about a thousand things on my mind so maybe it's good he's up.

  • had great company over on Sunday talking about adoption (we're no longer rookies you know)  
  • went to Barnes and Nobles this past weekend for homeschool books as we were blessed w/ a gift card from a friend.
  • today we started homeschool
  • going to library this week
  • going to a Night Out Celebration this week
  • kids have youth gruop
  • kids going to VBS at a different church to check it out
  • Warren has doc appointment
  • Isabelle, Summer and Alyona have doc appointment
  • asking doc but think we'll end up back at neuro w/ Alyona
  • one has therapy this week
  • working on getting other therapy set up
  • lots of phone calls being made this week for various things
  • lawyers are lots and lots of money
  • we have lawyers-- enough said
  • working on paperwork
  • missing Bojan's transcripts needed to enroll him
  • getting stuff set up more for homeschool
  • getting activities organized
  • going to pool this week
  • lots going on at Chaos Manor that I'll share in the next few days
been beyond very busy.  I know this time will slow down but right now, in the midst of chaos and beyond.  And for once, it's not our kids!  More to come in the next couple of days.  And of course, more pics from our trips in June.  Just a tad behind, aren't I?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nate's Awesome Progress

So as we know, things are pretty unpredictable when it comes to Nate.  Pretty big puzzle we're all still trying to figure out some days.  I just want to give you an idea of what he's learned in the past week.  WEEK mind you!

  • To walk more steady
  • to practically run
  • to walk backwards -- never did this before
  • to turn in circles
  • follow simple commands
  • throw a wickedly awful temper tantrum b/c we won't let him play in the water
  • playing in the toilet
  • spinning the toilet paper till it's gone
  • climbing upstairs (yes, for real!)
  • grabbing things off counters knocking them over
  • moving around obstacles
  • bending down to pick something up and coming back up
  • open lever doors to the outside
  • turn on stove knobs

And I am sure I forgot a few.  But this was truly in the last week.  I showed some video on Facebook.  Don't have it here as it's on the ipad.  The personality change in him is something else.  we are praying this lasts.  If he has angelman's syndrome, I've heard from other parents about great sudden gains and then major regression.  Pray this continues.  I love it.   We have had to go this weekend and baby proof the house more as he is now toddler to the extreme.  It's insane I tell you.  But soaking it all up.  Oh, and he's learned about the mouse on my computer. What a kid.

Bulgarian Reunion-- Alyona's Birthday

So, that Saturday in June was the 27th.  Alyona's birthday.  While we were at the farm wtih the little kids, the teens got to take a boat ride.  Kind of cool.  Back to her birthday though.  I had made arranagements a few weeks in advance to get a custom made cake for her 16th birthday.  Needed enough for 100 people.  Also made arrangements to pick it up the Friday I got there.  It was all a surprise until stupid Max ruined it!  URGHH!!!  Still mad about that one.  She was still elated with it all though so that's what counts.  Rainy daysweren't slowing us all down a bit that evening.  After a wonderful potluck dinner, we celebrated her birthday. 

I always have those dollar rain jackets for the kids and this was perfect weather for it.

Our friend Ana and Alyona hanging out at dinner.

Some of the kids checking out the cakes.  Bright colors just for her.

Sweet 16 it truly was Alyona!  Hard to believe.

They put her name on both cakes.

Look at that flower.  And boy, it was as delicious as it looks!

I do believe the birthday girl was quite happy with all this fuss on her sweet sixteen.

Getting ready to sing.  Nice when you have about a hundred folks singing to you.

Make it a good wish Alyona!

The inside of this was tye dye.  Same with the green.  The sheet cake was half chocolate and half vanilla.  And so, so good.  Was just such a pleasant place to have a birthday and alyona truly enjoyed herself.  After cake, we all did our own thing.  Kids always hang out and parents always talk.  Works for everyone.  Really does.