Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bulgarian Reunion Festivities-- Bungee Jumping!

Well, the time had come to do the jump.  Some of my kids chickened out...Isabelle, Reni and Alyona.  Rest did it though including Nate.

Max was my first kid to try it.  

He actually got some height to him and was tense but slowly relaxed a bit more. It is higher than you think in the pictures btw.

Irina is my daredevil and loves rides like this so she was in her element.  Only had one picture of her that didn't turn out blurry.  

Nik getting ready to go up as well.

Nik doing his flip.

Nik up in the air again.

What was great was while the bungee was going on, the kids could go do crafts if they chose to.  

Bojan took off his leg to attempt this.  Was tough but he didn't do too badly.

Logan had fun from the start with this event as you can tell.

He's another one of mine that did a few flips here and there.  

Alex getting ready.  

And Alex is in the air!  

As you can tell, Sofie was just a tad tense.  She had very mixed feelings of whether she liked it or didn't.

Her look says it all.  She's about to have a blast with this thing!

 Summer laughed the entire time she was on this thing.  She absolutely loved it. 

 You know, we weren't even sure he would get in this thing.  But, he did and even allowed the operator to help him. 

 You must understand what a HUGE deal this is.  This is a kid who hates being confined by any type o fharness.  Took a lot for Nate to do this.

 Boy, he didn't want to get out.  He would not however let go of this poor guy's finger. 

Was hoping you can see his smile here.  He loves motion and being thrown up in the air.  Yet, doesn't like to swing.  Would use the baby swing when we first got him but never the other swingset swings.  Still to this day.  but loves to be tossed.  

Much more to come.  So, so much to say still.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bulgarian Reunion Festivites Continued

Still trying to finish up posts from June vacation.  Sad, I know.  I'd use the excuse I have twelve kids living at home but that would be lame.  Got to come up with a better one soon.  After lunch and a break, something else was planned at the reunion.  Something new.  A bungee jump! 

Bojan helping set up for the bungee.

Nik, Sofie and Andrei (Nik's buddy) anxiously waiting for it to be set up.

Isabelle having a good time.

Bigger than it looks.  Can't wait to get started.

Back to the RV to retrieve some kids.  Alyona was supporting her birthday headband as it was her birthday that Saturday.

And this is the result of many travelers.  We try to keep it as neat as possible but hard b/c you have to hang the towels outside to dry.  And well, when fourteen people have towels for outdoor use and towels for showers, that's a whole pile of towels.  And of course carseats are out when we arrive on site. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sorry for the short absence

Had to take yesterday off as we were busy with day after surgery care.  Logan is doing fairly well.  Today is Thursday.  Max took the younger kids along with Bojan to the library for story time.  This time, they had a magician!  Kids loved it for sure.  Really, really did.  They were all going to go to the pool and then thunder hit, checked online and no go for pool.  It reopened but by that time, all decided to just stay here.  Older teens went to a local round table discussion about what the community here can do to improve things for the teens.  Activities/ sports/ etc.  Positive and a plus they got pizza.  LOL.  Came home and all of us had a late dinner. 

Went through old papers and found the missing checks from before we moved.  Bummed b/c we already got them replaced which was good.  Three of them we can cash.  Hospital checks.  Grand total of...$17.  Won't even buy our bunch lunch.  Hey, it will buy some milk so it's a good thing.  Tomorrow kids and I are doing some errand running and hopefully make it to the pool.  Saturday is a toss up at the moment of what we'll end up doing.  And Saturday, we have visitors coming over to cook out. 

This week was a take it easy and organize kind of week b/c we knew Logan would have surgery and well, can't do much after a surgery and we understand that.  Lots going on next week though so most definitely not complaining.  Lots to share soon and I will.  Just busy, busy.  More to come. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bulgarian Reunion Festivities

Guess it is time to get back to writing. We had a blast the first night at the reunion.  Everyone getting reaquainted.  Meeting new people, etc.  Just relaxing to be in the presence of so many awesome people.

Next morning we had breakfast and then it was off to field trips.

Little kids went to the farm and saw all sorts of animals and got to play.

Truly would be easier to carry a greased pig some days than our son.  Squirmy worm.  And he hates, hates, hates a stroller.  At a loss as he is getting much heavier but only can walk but so far and for so long. 

Summer and her buddy for the entire weekend.  They had an awesome time together.

Nik and his best buddy, Andrei.  These two are such awesome friends year after year.  Now, they are penpals.  It's awesome.

 This looks like one of those staged pictures but it's really not.  Kind of cool. 

The indoor play barn was so, so cool.  All sorts of places to play and hide.  They all had an awesome time.  Now, during this field trip, the teens went on the boat ride.  Hence, no pictures of my older kids.  

 Back at the campgrounds we went to the RV.  Nate was eating a bag of chips.  Just vegging out, cooling off till the next event.  After the field trip we came back to the RV for lunch.  Then, headed back to the reunion circle to await the next festivities. 

One of the families had graciously bought pizza for a bunch of the teens.  Sofie grabbed some leftover pizza.  I think she was pleased.  

 Met up w/ our older kids who had gone on the boat ride while we were at the farm.

Sofie and Reni hanging out till the bungee jumping event.  It was a fun morning to be sure.  Loved it.  So many great friendships.  I only show photos of my kids but oh, you should see the smiles on everyone when with their friends.  Amazing.

Surgery Today

Probably not many posts coming this evening.  Been a very, very long day.  Nate was up last night, dog went nuts at 4am and then had to get up at o dark thirty for surgery for Logan today.  Tired is an understatement.  Logan had his tonsils out due to chronic tonsil stones.  Surgery went well and we like the new hospital a lot.  He's doing well.  For having had surgery.  Lots of pain but to be expected.  Managing with the heavy drugs today.  You know how that goes.  He did sleep and he has been drinking so very good.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring.  

Our wonderful neighbors down the street are taking four of the kids blueberry picking bright and early tomorrow.  Very sweet of them since they know we're stuck at home for awhile.  Older kids will be doing something with youth group tomorrow evening.  So, events still going on.  Reni and Alyona come back from their grandparent's house and we are also having company from the old neighborhood come over.  So home, but busy. 

We really have been able to get a bunch of petty projects done and proud of the kids for taking everything in stride.  Lots going on here at Chaos Manor but taking it on one step at a time.  More tomorrow.  For now, I can honestly say I am physically exhausted.  And will most likely be up for hours to come.  Thank goodness we haven't had a surgery in a long, long time.  Hope this is the only surgery this year but you never know. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Quick Question for You

Okay, asked on Facebook earlier today but figured I'd ask here as well.  I have been asked to do a write up on FASD.  Not from a professional standpoint...there's plenty of those.  But from a parent stand point.  If it were you adopting a child with FASD, what would you want to know?  It can be anything.  I want this to be a comprehensive piece yet it can get but so long.  What are some things  you wished you would have asked?  What were some things you wished someone could have told you in advance?  Really, anything?  Would like to pull some real questions that people often ask me but also want to hear questions that others may have.  So, please shoot some my way if you feel inclined.  I would greatly appreciate it.  I'll post it on here I suppose when I'm done.  And again, this is just a parent answering questions, not a psychologist.  And I am rather, umm, brutally honest when it comes to dealing with certain issues so we'll see how this all turns out.  Writing tomorrow while Logan's in surgery.  Have to be there at 6:30 am!  Yikes!  Too early for me.  He is first on the docket at the hospital so really can't be late.  More real posts later.  Just wanted this question asked. 

Mani Monday

Crazy, crazy day.  Trying to get more things in order b/c I know the next two days will be insane.

  • Surgery for Logan is tomorrow (first surgery for him)
  • Accomplished a lot of projects this past weekend
  • Waiting for pre-op team to call
  • Organizing week based on his surgery
  • Kids go to library this week
  • Going to try to get to the pool a few times
  • Going through all their winter/ fall clothes to see where we stand
  • Have made all doc appointments
  • Planning next year's trip
  • Filling out all sorts of grant stuff
  • Nik may get to do speech teletherapy
  • Max hears today about his potential job (lots applied apparently)
  • Max is still actively applying elsewhere
  • finally going to get to those museums this coming weekend
  • Youth group for kids
  • Looking into kids joining 4-H
  • Working on lawyer paperwork
  • Making AmazonWish List
  • Kids are growing like crazy
  • Sofie was mad I sold her clothes (you know, the 2 sizes too small ones)
  • Got Isabelle's new insurance cards with her name on them
  • Behind on writing thank yous
  • Need to get new social card for Isabelle
more to do  but in a hurry as filling out applications and lawyer stuff.  More posts forthcoming this evening.  Busy day to get stuff done and stupid pre-op team has yet to call w/ surgery time for Logan.  Did this last week and it got postponed.  We'll see soon.  More to come later.