Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Time Swim

The other day we went to the pool.  Quite eventful as my kids got to see lifeguards in action.  One gentleman was choking.  Another kid had to be rushed to the ER after falling w/ a head injury.  Despite all the action, we were able to have some great moments.  I took Sofie down the waterslide for the first time.  She's still not quite a fan as of yet.  Maybe by the summer's end.  Little Guy also really enjoyed himself.  He was splashing and starting to try to immitate Irina blowing bubbles. 

Here is one of Little Guy.

Isabelle had him a few minutes that day.  Nate loves the water now.  He just seems so very relaxed in it.  At first, he most definitely did not relax.

Sofie found a pool noodle.  She was trying and trying and trying to get on that thing.

Success!  She was swimming last year with no vest but totally forgot this year.  Will be working with her at the pool.

Little Guy enjoying the water while Summer is under the water. That girl is a fish and could stay under water all day if she wanted to.  

We have much more swimming to do this year.  Can't wait.  On vacation coming up we'll be swimming as well.  In the campground pool and the campground lake.  My kids have to be fish in order to travel.  Good thing they all love it. 

Paint and more paint

We have been getting things done around here.  We have done some painting.  Max and I painted the downstairs bathroom yesterday.  Reni, Isabelle and Bojan painted the boys' new dresser. 

Color of our new bathroom.  Just wanted a touch of color.  Thought it turned out well.

Looks lighter from this angle but the other picture is the more accurate color.

Dresser that is for Nik and Nate.  We have to add knobs.  Got the paint for $1.49 at Lowes paint section.  Clearance of course.  Used two of them.  So painted it for $3.  Nice.  Nik's going to help me pick out knobs.  This will be the last of  our painting projects for awhile.  Max will make a new coffee table for us after our trips.  Other than that, we're done.  

Today was busy spent finding an A/C unit for our old house.  Not fun but must be done.  Also, took Irina to the doctor.  More on that later.  One child is going through some therapy right now.  Not saying whom to protect identity but with multiple children with multiple issues, some times this is necessary.  As long as it benefits the child and the family, worth it.  Max will most likely start a new job soon.  Tomorrow, I'm taking the kids to the pool as they have worked really, really hard.   Bojan, Logan and Reni cleaned the entire garage out all day long.  We have a lot of work ahead of us but getting it done.  More to come soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sister Out Takes

The other day all the kids in the yard were outside playing.  All of them.  I decided to pull the girls aside real quick and try to get a picture with all of them smiling.  These are some of the out takes.  What I like though is it is REAL.  No matching of outfits, no hair brushed, sweating from playing in the yard, just plain real.  May not be the best pictures but I like them and hope you do too.

Reni and Sofie in their own world while I try to take a picture.  Summer eating her fingers.

That's not even worth describing.

How hard is it to get everyone looking at the same time?

We're getting better on this one.

And Irina has to put bunny ears on Alyona.  Summer once again not looking at the camera.

I really wasn't sure if we'd ever get a shot.

Now this one I like!  

This was another one that I thought truly captured the sisters that day.  Summer time sisters.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flower Power

I love flowers.  That is no secret.  Probably why I worked in a florist shop years ago.  They just make me smile and the more colorful, the better.  I dream of my house eventually being surrounded in flowers in the yard.  Trying. 

Not the best picture as they needed water.  Striped trailing petunias.  Going to put something different here next year but not sure what just yet.  I think some type of lilly but not sure.

My pink roses are still blooming!  Just wonderful scent walking up the back porch.

Gladioliouses.  Purchased for a whopping 99 cents for the entire bag.  Can't wait till they bloom.

Trailing petunias on the front porch.  Nice welcome piece.

Doubt this planter will last much longer.  Had it for years upon years.  Notice the rust on the bottom?

The cypress that is on each side of the front porch stairway.  Frames the porch way.  They are beautiful and full of color.

Daylillies from the back porch area.  Unfortunately, when they cleaned the gutters the other week, they stomped the rest of them.

Close up of one of the day lillies.  Vibrant colors throughout the yard.  Love pops of color against our green landscape.  Makes it easy to have a vase of flowers inside.  There are wildflowers that grow down our road that are just as pretty.  And it's a desserted road. 

Is She a Boyd Yet?

We had a hearing today for our daughter Isabelle.  Is she a Boyd yet?  No, not yet.  We were told we needed more paperwork which our social worker has already done this evening and sending tomorrow.  We are hoping with that, it will be pushed through quickly as she has already lived with us for over a year now.  We are very ready to call her our daughter officially though in our hearts, she already is. 

So, went to old neighborhood as we had court anyhow there.  Kids went with friends while we were in the courthouse.  They got to go to the movie theater and then to Burger King for ice cream cones and nuggets.  Very sweet of my friend to do that with all my kids.  Picked up Bojan as he had spent the night the last few days with an old friend.  Paid our A/C gentleman as well.  Then, homeward bound to Oxford.  Came home and I worked on questions social worker had for me.  After that, filled out vision forms as four of us have appointments tomorrow. 

Not so great news.  Our previous home (now a rental home) has had the A/C go out.  We have tried several repairs to no avail.  Unfortunately, a new unit is in our future.  With lawyer fees left to pay for the adoptions and now this, it is going to get interesting.  We were hoping it could last till next year when all this other stuff would be taken care of.  Recovering from the move and adoptions.  However, not the case.  So, renters and us are diligently looking tomorrow for new A/C unit and the best price possible.  Happened of course on our 100 degree days here.  At least we're all working together to fix the problem as fast as possible but still tough. 

We need to get the RV ready for the upcoming trip.  Speaking of no A/C, it is also out on the front of the RV.  So, miserable for the driver.  May have to make a redneck air conditioner for the trip.  We are also filling out forms for Bojan for the new school and possibly Alex attending next year as well.  We'll see.  Still mulling it over on that one.  Anyhow, getting lots done today and just not the best day ever but could be a lot worse so keeping my mouth shut. 

Up early for 7:30 eye exams.  Then testing for the remaining three kids, then break at the pool, and hunting for new A/C unit.  That month break we had of nothing to do is completely and utterly over.  Great while it lasted. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Manic Monday

So Manic, it's almost Tuesday now.  LOL.  Here goes nothing.

  • Kids had friends over this weekend.  Still here.
  • Alex went to a friend's house and is still there
  • Went to the pool
  • Digby needs grooming
  • Gettting established at doc offices this month
  • Eye exams for four of us
  • Irina has doc appointment
  • Court is tomorrow for houseguest
  • Painting downstairs bathroom
  • Need to finish RV but too hot
  • Over hundred degree days
  • Van still needs fixing from accident
  • Most likely, Irina will start her new job soon
  • Max is now looking again for a job
  • Warren car hunting for the future
  • Want to go to special needs event tomorrow but doubt we can
  • Therapy for one child this week
  • Youth groups
  • Need to seriously think about our upcoming trip
  • Found new dog sitter since ours will be out of town
  • Need to make homeschool event
  • Signing up Bojan for new school this week
  • Thinking of possibly sending Alex as well
  • Need to finish end of grade testing this year
  • Little Guy does not like his SMO's
  • Our rental home is looking like A/C is going out
  • Applied to get some help for some of the kids.  May be able to get a nurse's aid for Little Guy in a few months.  We'll see.  Hoping this program is good for them.  Time will tell.  First have to be accepted.
Much, much more but tomorrow is court.  Wahoo!!!  Let you know how it goes.  We truly are excited.  Little Guy didn't sleep last night so hoping tonight we can all get sleep.  Much more to share but been very busy lately.  Maybe it will slow down soon but doubt it.