Friday, June 12, 2015

New School for Bojan!

Sorry for the lack of communicating on here but truly got busy.  Typical excuse, I know.  It is Friday.  We had a great day today.  Went and checked out a new local charter school today.  Loved it!  Really and truly did.  It is small but growing.  This year, 8th through 11th grades.  Adding 12th next year.  New school to be built within 2 years.  Sports, clubs, community projects, etc.  About 15 students per class.  In addition, Bojan can graduate from high school AND receive an associates degree at the same time for no extra costs.  In addition, school is only 2 miles from our home.  We can not wait.  The EC coordinator is contacting me on Monday.  On the fence about putting Alex, Logan and Houseguest in there for 8th grade.  Still think catching them up at home one more year and then starting high school there would be more beneficial.  Not sure.  Like I said, speaking to her Monday.  Signed him up and filling out enrollment papers this weekend.  He starts August 25th I do believe. 

Irina most likely found a job.  Well, one to keep her busy while she looks for another job.  She'll most likely start at Popeye's once her background check comes back.  She's excited to be working again. 

Friends came over this evening and Bojan went back to the old stomping grounds for a few days.  Younger kids are going to the Lowes workshop here tomorrow morning.  Finishing up redoing the RV this weekend.  Also, going back to the old place to meet up with friends and bring some kids back this way.  Never dull here, huh?  Kids are enjoying the pool we joined for sure.  Thinking of going there tomorrow to speak w/ the swim meet team there.  It is the local team that some of the kids are thinking of joining in the fall.  We'll see.  Trying to get school stuff lined up and activities. 

Need to get to bed soon so we can go get fingers hammered tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Can We Keep It??

A phrase that every parent dreads to hear.  Warren and I had done some errands this past weekend.  Get out of the car and approached by the idea of keeping a pet turtle.  They found it clearing out our woods in the back.  Umm, no.  Sorry but no.  We have fish and dogs.  That is all we are doing for right now.  We had a guinea pig awhile back and done hermit crabs as well.  But no turtle found in the woods is coming to live with us this year.  They did take pictures though and put it right back where they found it.  And no name was given so we were safe!  You all know once found critters take on a name, typically they stay.  Just don't name them.  We may get a chinchilla later this year but for now, status quo till we are completely settled w/ routine and schedules and sports and church.  We are just not to that point yet.  So, here are some shots from an almost pet.

Nice box turtle.  

Hey, at least he had gloves on before handling it.

They wanted to make sure they got all angles of the turtle.  LOL.

I'm sure he would have made a fine pet but I think Mother Nature needs him more than we do right now.  So, back to the woods for Mr. Turtle.  BTW, we have wolf spiders here.  Big, big ones.  I'm just waiting for that day.  The other day one of the boys brought a dead snake into the house.  Why do they do this stuff?! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Manic Monday

Well, Little Guy is still wide awake so might as well do a quick post. 

  • Had a great visit this past weekend with my parents
  • Did our grocery shopping
  • got some fish for the aquarium finally
  • Max is working on renovating the RV (new flooring, paint, etc.)
  • just discovered place never inspected RV like they said they would
  • need to find a local place to inspect RV now
  • trying to locate a local groomer for Digby.  (usually do this 2X a year, rest of the time, we do it)
  • got some great deals at the Farmer's Market this past weekend
  • trying out another church this week
  • want to go to a few churches before we decide where we belong & what feels like home
  • looking into a swim team for the kids for the fall
  • waiting for soccer people to write/ call me back
  • going to be hot this week so going to the pool soon
  • working on the yard tomorrow
  • finishing up school testing for homeschoolers
  • getting stuff together for next year's school year
  • therapy for one child this week (mental waters)
  • new mortgage starts (joys of moving to a new home)
  • looking for another car for Warren
  • Max is looking for a different job
  • Irina still needs to find a job
  • setting up new schedule for everyone this week
  • hoping to do two pinterest projects per week
  • need to call campground
  • need to order something for the reunion
  • Alyona's birthday is this month
  • going through ALL kids shoes this week
  • 2 of the girls still need another bathing suit.  Only have 1 each right now.  They all grew!
  • need to pay the bills this week
  • finding new local dentist for kids
  • finding new neuropsych for kids
We are definitely getting little things done around the house.  Project for next week will be to build a new coffee table.  yes, a pinterest project that will hopefully turn out.  Last thing we have to do leftover from the move is hang up pictures.  We have truly been slack on that part.  Also, need to find someone to do a family portrait.  Slowly but surely, we're getting things done around here.  Want to b/c I know in the fall when school and activities get started, I won't get the chance to do anything but that.  More posts this week to come.  Lots to say on lots of things.  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nana and Poppop Visit

This past weekend, my parents came for their first visit to the new house.  They told hte kids they were coming Friday and showed up Thursday.  Needless to say, kids were thrilled.  They haven't seen them in a long, long time.  About a year.   We showed them around the house, let the dogs get settled and kids calm down before we headed out.  We went out to a local restaurant called Georges.  We ordered four pizzas.  huge pizzas!  they were so good.  They went to get a hotel and then came back to visit some more.  I took them with me to go look at a couch someone posted for sale.  Worked perfectly.  Ended up making friends and we talked for quite some time. 

My parents now live 5 minutes or so from Disney.  So, Anna and Elsa dolls for Summer and Sofie.

When they downsized after retiring, they packed up some of the bigger items and brought them here this trip.  And some Christmas decorations.

I think we have some more stuff to put away.  Even got a bag of real Florida oranges.

She could hardly contain her self.  They sleep with those two dolls now.

And the chess match has begun.

My Dad and Bojan playing a game of chess.  My dad won.  But said Bojan was a good player.  He has a nice wooden chess set he wants to bring but they can't find it since their recent move as well.  

The next day we had my cousin, aunt and uncle over for lunch.  Some good food and great company.  Was very pleasant and we all had a good chance to catch up.  Cant' wait till they all come back for another visit. 

Sideboard, Screaming Owl and Shucking

Today is Sunday and we are making it a very, very lazy morning.  Warren is cooking eggs and bacon.  Got bacon yesterday for $1.98 a lb so we're all excited as we don't usually get bacon due to cost.  Stick w/ sausage so nice to change it up.  Anyhow, back to the post.  Kind of a boring post but hey, need boring too. 

This is the sideboard Alex sanded and painted for me.  I think he did a great job.

A closer look at the color.  Adds a pop to an otherwise beige room.  The dog/ kids had done a number on this piece so it was time to refresh it anyhow.

Screaming Owl outfits.  They have great deals.  It was the very first time I ordered from them. Had no idea it takes 2 months to get what you ordered!  Asked on Facebook and that's the norm.  Cute for Sofie and Summer but not sure I'd order again.   It's a rarity my kids get something new but thought this would be great for pictures and things.  

New house, lots of room and they still shuck corn on the floor.  We had gone to the Farmer's Market earlier that day.  Had grilled corn for dinner along w/ burgers on the grill.

Warren working on the hamburgers while we shuck the corn.  Fresh strawberries were for dessert.

Even Sofie got in  on the act.  Table's a mess b/c we had just gone to Sam's too.

Pool for a swim, nice dinner, relaxing evening.  Great way to kick off summer I do believe.  BTW, that whole case of corn was $5.  Case of bananas was $12.  We'll eat most of them but we'll freeze some bananas for later as well as make banana bread to freeze in batches too.  Still on the hunt for a much needed 2nd fridge.