Thursday, May 21, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- Part II B

Okay, must have been tired when I wrote the last Camp Cheerio post.  That was not day two, but day one I showed.  Losing my mind slowly but surely.  Time to get started again. 

Max pulling Nik as well as some other kids all over the gym.

I know it is blurry but I have hardly any pictures of the older kids b/c as soon as we get to camp, they are off with friends.  Hence, all the little kid pictures.  So, found one of Alyona.

Sofie waiting for dinner.  This is her idea of the dinner line.

Another of Sofie.  She couldn't stand still in line.  So the grass was better.  LOL.

Summer Grace.  Her name says it all.

She is really starting to grow up way too fast for me.

Little Guy had to enjoy the grass along with his sisters.  Pulling it and throwing it all over.  Hey, if it keeps them entertained, I'm all for it.

Summer and her frog.  She loves it as you can see.  Had to take it away one night b/c she was teasing Sofie with it though.

He was so zonked this is how he ended up.  Sock half off, legs up in the air.  Poor kid. But, all had fun day one and night one so that was wonderful. 

Growing, Grills, and Getting Things Done

It is spring and a new house with many flowers and trees is just awesome.  Time to plant and time to tend to the yard and garden.  We were unable to get the garden up and running. But, we did manage to plant seeds and will have a couple of items. 

 Gladiolous bulbs for .99.  14 for .99.  Can't beat a dollar flower container. 

Other side we have trailing petunias.  Sofie's favorite color.

Homeschoolers are planting seeds and then tracking for a week what they did and if they grew.

We planted peppers, tomatoes, basil, and green onions in some containers.  They're growing but we truly want a big garden.  Next year for sure!

The other day, we got a new grill.  This picture taken from inside the house.  Boys wanted to assemble it right away.

They all got straight to work.  Familiar as we've had this grill before.

Definitely big enough for this crowd and company.  Truly enjoy it.  And, now we don't feel like we're going to kill someone after cooking on it.  LOL.  Old grill was so rusted through you were almost afraid of toxins getting onto the meat.  

I have a list of projects we are trying to knock out around here.   This sideboard piece Alaska had chewed all up and it looked more than 'distressed.'  So, we decided to paint it.

Alex said he'd do it for me.  Hey, a $3 paint sample from Lowes goes a long way.  We wanted something with color as we have a lot of tan/ beige walls right now.  Will for awhile b/c only painting two rooms in here.  So, this is a quick way to make furniture look new again and add color.

It wasn't dry yet when I took the picture.  We like the color a lot and that it looks new again.  Just wished he would have taken out the towels before starting this.  And the Christmas stockings.  But, this looks great and didn't take long at all to do.  More projects to come.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So much to catch up on

Yes, I know I need to finish about Cheerio.  But, interrupting for a good thing.  Max found a job today!  Wahoo.  He starts tomorrow working with an HVAC guy.  Something new for Max and hope he likes it.  Truly relieved.  Bojan will be starting his internship soon with his prosthetist.  Logistically, t his is all a nightmare right now as down to one vehicle.  That is hard. 

Max had his first accident yesterday.  Thankfully, he and the other gentleman were not injured.  They both drove home w/ damage to the front of the cars.  But, the way my bumper was hit, it will all need to be replaced.  Right now, dangling down, scraping the NEW tires we just bought.  Can't risk a blow out so this is priority right now.  Trying to find a local body shop tomorrow.  Just never is good timing, is it?  Guess with ups, must come downs.

Obviously, not a whole lot of time around here today.  And, kids are doing school work too.  We could not attend youth group due to the vehicle issue.  To top off this day, we get a call from propane company saying previous homeowner is refusing to pay the bill and said it is now ours b/c we moved in.  Umm, no.  Not in the contract.  Fighting this one as just this week, got another bill from our lawyer for the adoption.  I don't know where the money tree is planted but I must find it quickly b/c this is all just crazy timing.  Just paid for two PPR's as well.  Got to love it.  I have found over the years not to stress it.  It all works out one way or another.  Be patient. 

We got the list of stuff we need in order to build our robot for the robotics online class the kids are taking next Wednesday I believe it is.  Exciting.  Simple but exciting to learn.  Kids are currently tracking their seed growth. 

I have decided to do at least two Pinterest projects a week for the next few weeks and one new meal. Tonight we tried Cheesy Chicken Crockpot and was a hit by all.  Tomorrow, we are continuing to make firestarters and store them.  Great for campgrounds and fireplace in winter.  We are also going to make flubber tomorrow.  And, the boys have sanded down my sideboard and it will then have a new bright coat of paint on it.  Walls here are all bland color.  Need some pops of color and life.  Next is painting the red room this weekend.  Will lighten up the school room quite a bit.  Our other Pinterest project for this week will be the river rock door mat thing.  Hose off your feet.  Perfect for our house in the summer.  Don't worry, I'll track what works and what is an epic fail.  LOL. 

Time to go.  Need directions for Max's new job tomorrow.  More to come!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Manic Monday-- a day late

Well got so excited about Camp Cheerio almost forgot yesterday was Monday.  So, here goes:

  • Camp Cheerio was SO much fun!
  • Max got into an accident today.  First one.  He's okay.   
  • Kids reviewing the year
  • Kids planted some seeds and tracking for a week
  • Girls and I went to a lovely dinner together (teens & I)
  • Got a great deal at the bread outlet
  • New grill finally (thought the rust would kill us, LOL)
  • Trying new recipe this week
  • Some child is giving us a very hard time lately
  • Another child will most likely need to start meds
  • Think Little Guy is coming down with an ear infection
  • Planning vacations
  • We have a great insurance (vehicle) company
  • Going to paint the school room (it's red now...need a lighter color)
  • Sanding and painting a sideboard this week
  • Thinking of joining a local pool
  • Yard is coming along nicely
  • Ready for these adoptions to be finalized
  • Houseguest's last PPR was done this past week
  • Little Guy has two more PPR's
  • Catching up on medical bills 
  • Trying to figure out homeschool cirriculums for next year
  • Doing end of year testing very soon
  • Trying to find bikes for the kids.  They are sharing and we really need more bikes
  • Dogs are doing good
  • Catching up on paper work and going through files
  • Max and Irina are diligently job hunting
  • Van got new tires (new bumper to come, I'm sure...URGHH!!)
  • Van needs washing
  • Kids have youth group
  • Proabably going to the lake this weekend
  • May be having a Memorial Day Cookout
  • Working on vacation plans
Lots more going on but those are off the top of my head.  More on Camp Cheerio tomorrow.  My day was thrown for a loop with a son's first accident but very thankful everyone was okay and that it was very minor.  Learning from mistakes in life is key and that is what we're trying to teach our children.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Camp Cheerio -- Part II

It was a long night that first night of no sleep.  And Little Guy woke up once on top of that.  But,  you are much too excited to think about the no sleep bit.  Too much fun to be had and the weather was spectacular this year.  So, wake up the walking dead and head to breakfast.  The food there is always delicious.  No exception this year.  Some of the kids sit with their friends of course.  Kind of sad that this year, Nik left the mom and dad table to go sit with others yet glad he did.  Means he's growing up and confident to be independent.

 Why not a few out takes from waiting for all the others to come and sit down.

 And another.  They look bored waiting for their siblings.

 So, why not liven it up a little with two goofballs. 

 Nik's new best buddy Bojan.  Umm, Bojan let's Nik play Minecraft on his computer. 

Someone at camp got a frog and immediately thought of Summer.  She slept with it.  Course, had to take it away one night since she teased Sofie with it.  She got it back later. 

Reni and Irina playing with the ring toss thing.  Need one for our backyard.  Easy to make.  Got to find a spot though that would work.  Our cabin this year was right by the cafeteria.  Perfect!  Views are awesome there.

More out takes of all of them.  Have a pile of out takes.  These were about as good as tehy get.

 And one day, they'll all smile.  Right?

 Yes, he looks thrilled.  NOT a morning person is all I will say about that one.

 Some of the kids headed to the gym.

Alex carrying Little Guy.  We can't carry him normally nor put him in a stroller.  You have to hold him so he doesn't bang his head or let his hands bang his head or such.  Weird but we've all gotten used to carrying him slung over our shoulders with his hands tucked under him so they can't go anywhere or carrying him almost like a baby but not quite.  Only the older kids can handle him.  He's too squirmy for the others.  And that's okay.  we've made it work.  We all take turns.  But boy oh boy, some days I truly wish he'd like a stroller.  

So, getting to late to finish this.  Have to do a part IIB tomorrow.  Been a busy, busy day today. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- part 1

We were getting ready to go to Camp Cheerio.  Of course it was the same day our social worker was coming for a visit for 2 post placement reports.  I warned her they'd be excited.  LOL.  She left at 9 that night and then we got to packing and getting ready.

I was trying to get them to say Camp Cheerio.  Nik is appropriately wearing a shirt that says 'I can hear...I'm just not listening.'  We had to make do with bags and bedding as our RV is in the shop with all the sleeping bags and bags stored in it.  LOL.  Hey, we are great at improvising.

They had a book swap this year.  This is just one of the crates we toted there.  Literal piles of books.  Umm, it took up a lot of space.  Never again.

Dogs knew we were leaving and none to pleased about it.  Digby and his sad look.

Tried to just hold up the camera and get a group shot.  Yeh, good luck with that one.  LOL.

So, Sofie isn't in the car even five minutes and has her shoes kicked off.  Diapers all next to the window.  She is in another mood b/c her brother got a new car seat and she did not.  She is mad. 

Now the real fun begins.  They all look thrilled.  None do well with long car rides.  And this isn't even that long!  Notice Little Guy's new car seat?  This is the one I wrote about.  On a different note, the scratches all over his face and neck are hard to take.  I know I haven't written much about him on the blog.  But feel it is time to keep things honest and open as other adoptive parents experience the same thing with certain kids.  Self-harming behaviors.  Our son is very much sensory seeking.  Any type of stimulation even if it means scratching himself.  It is sad and hard as there isn't much you can do.  We have clipped his nails to nothing and do everything the therapists had suggested.  He has a helmet but that will not help with the scratching.  Plus, for hte most part, his head banging has stopped.  So that is a great thing.  Now, to work on this scratching.  And for him, I think no-no's would make things worse to be honest.  Praying he finds comfort soon in knowing he is loved.  Time will tell.  And this is the first part of our journey....getting there.  

After we arrived, we immediately went to lunch.  Afterwards, classes for adults, activities for the kids.  Little Guy even had a one on one which was fantastic.  Max and Irina were volunteers this year.  Now, after the classes and such, it was dinner time.  Then, ice cream social and game night.  Little kids were exhausted of course.  Frankly, so were the adults.  LOL.  Great first day.  Don't take pictures of everything as we are simply having too much fun to.