Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moving Out Day

The day finally came.  Though we'd been without most our furniture the last few days, this was the day we actually had to be out of the house.  Our house.  Our home.  Our refuge.  Cleaning out the last few things and then cleaning up was bittersweet.  It was our home no more.  Well, technically, it is but for the most part, it's not.  We would never reside there again.  Everything from that moment on was about to change.  All of it. 

Some of them taking time for a picture.  They kept smiles on for most the day which was wonderful considering just howm uch we were working.

Nik making sure his last bits of stuff was packed up.  Night light toy he uses every night.  The box is his minecraft ghost.

Max was dusting the walls.  Probably the cleanest its looked since we moved in. 

Empty rooms.  Echoes.  Just was a very weird feeling for sure.

Bojan, comforting Alaska who was clearly nervous about the whole thing.  She had no idea what was to come.

No more movies or stockings on the mantel.

No more meals coming out of the kitchen.  Alyona cleaning out the fridge.

Not everything would fit so we put things away around the shed and would come back in a few days to load it all up once and for all.

It was time to say goodbye.  Many wonderful memories were made here.  Kids grew up here.  It was our home.  The only home almost all our kids knew other than the orphanage.  We loved it here.  But, in the same token, it was time to move on.  Time to grow.  Time to go.  

That same day while cleaning the house, I received a call from my old homestudy agency.  The NGO Vesta had contacted them saying they were missing our PPR from Summer, Reni and Logan.  We had done these and turned them into our agency at the time that has since gone out of business.  They never sent them.  That is what we were told as well as other families were told.  Can not know for sure as we were not there.  However, now we have to foot the bill to apostille them, and send them to Bulgaria.  Thankfully, our homestudy agency at the time still has all our copies of the reports that were indeed done.  We are not the only family this happened to.  Just wasn't needed on top of a move to contend with.  Really.  

So, we were not able to move door to door.  Thanks to the generosity of friends, we headed to their house that night.  Kids slept in the house, Warren and I & Little Guy slept in the RV in their yard.  Dogs in the RV too.  Dogs were panic stricken.  Rough night was an understatement.  Next day, tons more to take care of.  And medical appointments and dental appointments.  We stayed at two different friends' houses and Bojan stayed with his best friend at our old neighborhood.  And the story continues in another post.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving Out-- continued

Gee, best finish up on moving as so very much happened that week.  Many coming in and out to say goodbye.  Those were hard. 

Friends came over.  This is a friend of Bojan's.  Lived right down the street.  We watched both of them grow up.  Crazy how time flies.  His mom made a sweet photo book for Bojan.  Made us all cry.  Told you, we really do have wonderful friends...all of us.

Nik wanted in the picture so they kindly obliged.

After moving and such, we needed a break.  Went to watch Alex play his first and sadly last soccer game of the season as we had to move.

 Alex has a real knack for this sport and loves it.  Very passionate about soccer.  We have a huge back yard now for him to practice in which is nice.  No one lives behind us so the ball can fly.

Siblings and friends cheering him on.

Sofie had no hesitation in cheering him on by yelling at him.

After, it was box duty yet again so we could pack up more stuff.

Summer was drafted too into dumpster diving for boxes.  LOL.

Nik made sure we knew where his minecraft ghost was.  Front seat of the van no less.

More of the truck getting loaded up.  This was a long process and the kids truly were great sports about it.  More on our week and actually moving day.  Never dull.  Including a call from an old adoption agency that said we never turned in the PPR's.  Turned out, agency dropped the ball!  (found out directly from the NGO what happened to multiple families).  More later on that one.  Just by pictures, you can truly not know how hard that moving week was for our family.  More on that one later too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nik's Drawings

Today has been something else.  I know I have a lot of catching up to do.  Working on it.  So, hodge podge of posts.  Anyhow, thought we'd break it up with Nik's drawings.  Found a binder of his.  He's back to his Stephen King like drawings.  enjoy. 

Lately, our youngest son has been screaming and head banging.  Tics have returned to.  Part of it may be trauma from the move.  Nik illustrated nicely how he feels.  Broken glass, guy passed out from the screams, someone holding their ears w/ blood running out the ears.  I would say it's loud.

Summer, Dimitri, and Nik.  Meanwhile, Sofie is getting eaten by some creature.

Did not like Summer this day.  It's raining on her.

A boxing ring.  Alex is sending a knock out punch to Little Guy.  Stadium filled with people.

Nik and Little Guy jumping out of a plane.

Look closer.  Little Guy has no parachute!  And Nik is smiling the whole time.

Mom with screaming Little Guy.  Told you it was a rough week.  LOL.

Umm, i did not realize he knew where babies came from.

Doctor giving the patient an EEG.  Not sure who the patient is on this one.

Nik and his drawing of Shaun the Sheep.  He loves Shaun the Sheep.

Riding bikes off a cliff.  why not?

He really must not have liked Reni this day.  Drew her old and stinky.

Max is in jail.  Alex is in jail on the toilet.  Not sure who the other guy is or why they are all in jail.

Reni being put in jail.  Summer in jail and not sure of last one.

 Big house with Summer ripping shingles off the roof.

Waiting below is dad and mom.  with piles of shingles on the ground.  Police have handcuffs at the ready.  

Closer look at that roof work and broken window.

A birthday party.  Everyone has a present.  Nik's is that huge cake of course.  Kid upset at the end of the table is Alex with a bowl of salad, water and no presents.  

No worries, he is not going to try to kill of his siblings.  I could show you the loving pictures too but those would be boring.  The teddy bears and hearts.  He does those too but creates these depending upon who is angry with that day or what movie he's watched.  We were studying weather this week and watched twister.  Tornadoes were his theme of drawings and much destruction and death.  Those who've met Nik knows he thinks differently.  I can assure you, he loves his sibs.  Well, not keen on Irina or our dog Digby.  But everyone else, he's good with.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Celebrating Sofie

Before I get back to moving, need to say something we did right before we moved.  We knew it would be harder to go after the move so decided before was the right time.  See, when we adopt kids, shortly after we get home, we take the new kids to Kanki.  We ONLY go there if adopting.  That is our special place to take the new kids.  To see the looks in their eyes as the chefs cook in front of you.  Nothing like it.  Well, it's been a busy two years and our celebration for Sofie got delayed.  Again and again and again.  This time, we were going to make it happen.  And kids told us we would not count this as a three for one.  We still get to celebrate Isabelle and Nate when their adoptions become final. 

We loaded everyone up and headed for the mall.  Little Guy screamed the entire time.  Did not know how the restaurant thing was going to turn out with him.  But, it's like he knew.  Was fantastic the entire time there and didn't cry once!  Was such a wonderful time together.  Everyone was calm, nicely mannered, and we just had a pleasant time.  Even got to see the chef catch on fire.  Not kidding.  Trouble lighting the propane and it came shooting out at him.  Was scary to witness.  Anyhow, here are a few pictures from that day. 

Waiting for our waters.  The food here is so good, you hate to ruin the taste with anything else.  Nik was so proud he got to sit with his big brothers.

And Summer of course messing around with chopsticks in the hair.  Lovely.

Chef cracking jokes about having egg rolls for lunch.

Irina, Reni and Alex just hanging out.  It was truly just a relaxing time.  Wish we could do this more often.  

Nik, catching a shrimp in his mouth.  Irina caught some as did Max and Logan.  They were so good at catching them, other tables started to watch.  Figures they are good at this.  They practice with popcorn all the time.

Hard to see but a picture of all of them enjoying a meal together.

Love Max's expression here.  LOL.

Reni giving it a whirl at chopstick eating.

Buddies.  Reni is maturing.  Hard to think of her as a teen but that she is.

Sofie was getting full here.  Not a great picture but she was all smiles the entire time.  She loved it.  They all loved the fire my little pyros.

Nik is SO proud that he is one of the 'big' boys now.  He feels included.  Alex skates with him, Bojan plays Minecraft with him, Logan walks with him, etc.  Nik is eating it up.

We stopped at a little play area while at the mall.  Just for a few quick minutes.  I think she loves her baby brother.

Warren helping Sofie and Summer getting some last play time in.  

It truly was wonderful time together.  Relaxing.  Makes me wish I had extra to go out to eat every once in a while.  However, I guess that's why this is so special.  Sofie has been with us for a little over two years now.  She fits right in with this crazy bunch.  We love her to pieces.  Awesome time celebrating her coming into our lives.  Not what we had planned but wouldn't trade it for the world.