Friday, March 27, 2015

Status on Our Move

Phew, a very busy day yet again.  We had speech therapies today.  Lots and lots of packing.  2 friends came over to help us pack today which was very sweet.  Switched our power over to the new house for next week.  Withdrew Bojan from school.  His new school is on Spring Break next week so that helps a lot.  After that, we went to go pick up a trailer that was graciously loaned to us this week.  It took much longer than expected so got home rather late.  But, nice surprise was that a neighbor had brought us a cake for Max's Birthday which is today.  Right now, we are just relaxing after having had some cake.  The house is beyond a wreck. 

We wake up tomorrow.  Physical therapy.  Then, Alex has his first and last soccer game of the season.  Then, it is some serious packing of two of the trailers, maybe three if we get lucky and get busy with loading the boxes.  We have a ton left to do.  Doing the best we can to get it all done in a timely manner.  We'll get there.  Slowly but surely, we'll get there. 

New Van Window

It happens.  Whether a rock or a soccer ball, we have had our share of replacement windows on our cars and house.  We always call the same local business as they rock at getting the job done.

Locals, these are THE folks to call!  Prompt, reliable, friendly and put up w/ my kids.   That says a lot right there about their character.

Hard to see but  the cracks were herendous.  He told us these windows are hard to break.

Reni watching everything getting cleaned up.

More kids started gathering.  Half dressed, half in pajamas.  This is how we roll during this move.

Nothing like pajamas and boots in the morning.  Sure the new place is ready for the Boyd Bunch?

Derick taking one last look to make sure it is all done correctly.  Was nice to have him come to the house and fix it.  This was a busy, busy day for us.  Huge thanks to Prestige for making it a tad easier.  Hopefully, we won't have to call them again too soon but we are great customers so not holding my breath on this one.  He does houses too.  As in windows.  You know, in case two of your boys happen to fight w/ shoes and bust out the second story window.  Not that it's happened here you know. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moving Out Discoveries

When you live in a home for many years and you move out, you discover a few things while doing so.

You discover someone was too lazy to take things down and just painted around it.

Also, discover the lazy dusters were about as well.

You can't stack books neatly, no matter how hard you tried.

 When moving and asking your son to take down a birdhouse, you discover it is a chance to do it without a ladder.   Hey, it works.

You realize you must assign someone to the toddler who is recently more ambulatory or you will discover a mess.  Little guy took a whole box of tissues and the sock bin under my bed out.

When moving out, you discover your kids favorite toys as they are constantly afraid of them being packed away.

You quickly realize you should purge more often.

You forget to make dinner....a lot.  So, have to come up with quick meals like egg salad.

You start seeing stacks of stuff everywhere.

You stop and appreciate the little things.  Like when dad brings home small frostys for all the hard work that day.  Helps.  Right now, wished we could do this every day.  LOL.   Was nice at the end of a long day of packing. 

Moving Pics-- getting started

Just thought I'd share a few pictures from yesterday. 

My friend took Logan to get more boxes.

Way to goof off during all this chaos son!

So many boxes, they were falling out of the van, literally.

Miracle anyone fit in that van.  LOL.  But have used every single one and constantly needing more.

And this was just the start of it all.  It is much more messier than this right now.

Short break with friends after working so hard.  They made and painted cookies from a kit.

Nik, painted his lips.  Nice they can work and enjoy time with friends at the same time.  We have days and days worth of work in this house.  Bit by bit, it will get done.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

There is no way you can make this stuff up.  Our life is being turned upside down, inside out.  Really, better than a sitcom/ drama series.  It has been one thing after the other.  I will keep this short.  Here is the deal.  We were to close on the 31st.  That has now been pushed back to April 2nd.  Got word this morning that we can't move in until April 3rd, Friday (Good Friday) after 5pm!  Even though house will be technically ours the day before.  So, what does this mean?  Since our renters have to be in here on the 1st, it means we are literally homeless for 3 nights.  Lovely.  So, been thinking of solutions all day.  We have the dogs too.  RV and tents it is!  For one night. Thankfully, a house for the next two nights at a friend's.  Cooking we can do at their houses somewhat.  Going to try to cook ahead this weekend as eating out is out of the question.  Not cost effective at all and after paying the ungodly amount of $200 to hook up the phone, yes, eating is out of the question.  LOL.  So, move out Tuesday with not so much help.  We have scrambled to find trailers to put our stuff on at various locations across quite a few counties.  On Friday, have to retrieve said trailers and move to new place but not till late.  No idea what to do with the dogs yet.  Thankfully, 2 goldfish died today.  And yes, that may sound awful but you have NO IDEA what the last 48 hours have been like at Chaos Manor.  Everything that was set up had to be unset and reset wtih the new date.  Everything.  Now, move in day is Good Friday so barely any help.  Take into that, kids who are already melting down, regressing, etc. due to this house being turned upside down right now and well, recipe for disaster.  Warren sounds like he's getting pneumonia or bronchitis again.  Bojan's leg is way too small and I haven't time to get him to his guy.  Going to try to arrange for a weekend meeting.  Plans were originally to go this Friday but that has all changed.  In addition, now Reni has to go to doc tomorrow.  And, listened to Alyona's heart (she had ASD) tonight.  Something is not quite right and complaining of chest pains.  So, taking her in tomorrow too.  While picking up one of the trailers in the pouring rain.  Ahh, moving.  I could tell you everything else that has happened but truly, you don't want to know.  Praying it goes up from here. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chaos Manor Is Moving!!!!

yes, you heard it right!  After all these years, our time here has come to an end.  I have so, so many things to say.  This came on VERY suddenly.  This is why this blog has been so silent lately.  I truly have been going nonstop to try and get the closing done.  It will be done next week.  So, so much to say but I must get other things done as well right now.  It has been like taking on a full time job as we are doing this, taxes, the two adoption finalizations, and insurance stuff all at the same time.  I haven't had this much paperwork since my last adoption.  Our house is truly in chaos right now.  I will write more on that later too.  Didn't want you all to think we disappeared.  There are major, major changes coming our way and it starts with Chaos Manor moving.  A glimpse of the new digs.  Better pictures once we move in. 

A sneak peak at our new home.  I think Christmas time will be absolutely stunning here.  

Our backyard.  We have just 2 acres but there is A LOT of usable space where we can have a very big garden and may try our hand at aquaponics once settled.

I think they'll be able to find stuff to do outdoors, don't you?

Small part of the kitchen.

One of the only houses we looked at with the kitchen/ dining area we really need.  Can't wait to take some better pictures next week.  Think of how many of us can fail at making gingerbread houses in this kitchen next Christmas!  

Anyhow, I will update much more.  I do promise this time.  I just didn't realize we were buying a home this year.  Let alone moving to another town.  Warren has the same job. That has not changed.  However, different location for this home so we are an hour and a half away from here.  All about that in another post.  For now, must go get to packing...again.