Thursday, March 12, 2015

Little Guy Took his First Steps!!!

So, I know I didn't post yesterday but I truly have been sick.  Hoping meds kick in tomorrow.  Upper respiratory stuff and Little Guy has an ear infection.  But, that did not slow him down today.  You must understand where he was in regards to walking.  He wasn't. He stopped using the walker a few weeks ago.  Just scooted all over the floor.  Well, PT came over today.  We figured we'd give it another shot.  So, went upstairs and Reni and I were sitting across from each other.  He was his usual nervous self as he is absolutely terrified of falling.  Been told by experts, he has a high likelihood that he was dropped several times previously.  Did as we normally do.  But, we all got SO excited as it looked like he was going to walk by himself.  And, he did!!!  Just a couple steps at first.  We all cheered and clapped so loud, he wanted to do it again.  And again.  Got so confident, we took him downstairs.  Little Guy walked and walked some more. This was after the PT left so she had no idea.  He walked back and forth in the kitchen.  Then, around the hallway in a circle.  Makes a big circle in our house.  He walked that three times without falling.  Went from not walking at all this morning to walking like a mad man.  He was so stinking proud.  Smiles every step of the way. 

Have to understand, this is the first child ever that we have adopted that has not already been walking when we got them. First one.  We got to see  our youngest son take his first steps today.  Showed daddy as soon as he came home.  He was shocked because he thought it would be just a few wobbly steps.  Nope, all across the kitchen all by himself.  Even turning around!  Just was amazing to witness something of this magnitude.  I know he is four years old but trust me, this is indeed a big deal.  Proud is an understatement.  He was beaming from ear to ear every time he took a step.  And to see all his siblings cheering him on....priceless.  Makes me almost want another one....ALMOST!  Made that clear on Facebook.  we are done.  So was wonderful to see our last child walk for the first time today.  We are going to surprise his OT tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another Plug-- we are closer

Have to do it till we raise it.  Hard to ask but after tonight with Nik drawing out his annual count down sheet to Camp Cheerio, I know I have to keep plugging away.  I won't chat much b/c mentioned it before the why of it all.  We are currently at $801 raised.  Need $200 more for our family to attend.  Though would love to raise more than that so that other families can attend as well.  Truly is a fantastic experience and we learn something new every year to help our children.  We're asking for a cup of coffee donation...$5.  I know every penny counts nowadays and fundraisers are a dime a dozen.  We are also trying to sell things around here as well as try to babysit to raise funds to go.  Not a whole lot of success at the moment.  We will keep trying.  We are SO close to being able to go.  If you all would help by sharing the link, I would greatly appreciate it.  Here it is:  Camp Cheerio

This place brings us all together like no other.  Sofie and Irina.  Youngest and oldest daughter.

Summer with Warren.  And he's smiling!

And my kids have grown up at Camp Cheerio.  Max is now a camp volunteer!  He was helping w/ the 4th through 5th graders last year.  This year, he will do the same and volunteer again.  There is always a place for our kids  at Camp Cheerio no matter how old they get.  Love that.

Sense of peace here where we can recollect our thoughts about Nik's deafness, our parenting, schooling, etc.  There are so many things about this camp we love.  I appreciate everyone's donations for helping us to get to camp this year.  Means a lot to us, it truly does.  And btw, if you'd like to know, Nik has his countdown calender.  There are 67 days till Cheerio! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Manic Monday

I never can seem to get caught up on here lately, can I?  won't make any more promises of keeping up.  Just do what I can.  Just so much to share soon.  Here goes a condensed bit of what is coming this week. 

  •  Way too much on here to share!
  • Adoptions are still a go.  Waiting on the county here.
  • Kids are doing well
  • Little Guy is refusing to use his walker now
  • We are putting an offer in on a house this week
  • We must draw up all the rental contracts and such as well for this home
  • I can't believe we will most likely be moving
  • New home is beautiful
  • Kids have very mixed emotions about moving
  • Haven't started even packing yet
  • Much to do before we go
  • Going to miss it all here
  • Three eye appointments this week for Summer, Nik and Bojan
  • Bojan goes to prosthetist this week
  • Watching a few kids here and there for friends this week
  • Warren has severe sinus infection and bronchitis
  • Reni's hip still hurts. Thinking growing pains.  Will ask doc next time we're there
  • Need to schedule Logan's tonsillectomy
  • Need to get Little Guy seen for his hernias.  Already been seen but doc said wait till a little worse.  Well, now is the time unfortunately.  Hate surgeries.
  • Internet here has been flaky lately
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Working on new schedules here
  • Picked up many items today from a friend moving out of town.  Kids have been asking game questions all night.  LOL.
  • Still have money left to raise for Camp Cheerio
  • Still owe for adoption expenses (got to love those, huh?)
  • Sofie has become something else lately
  • Boys are doing a 30 hour fast for church this week
  • First soccer games of the season this week
  • Tons of therapies this week
  • Alyona is discharged from PT this week
  • Van needs new tires
  • Van and car need oil changes
  • Working on insurance claims
And much, much more.  Head is spinning with all happening at once.  But, we're getting it done.  bit by bit.  That is all you can do.  Don't stress it, just do it.  Hoping for good news this week on the house.  Keeping fingers crossed here.  More to come in the next few days for sure.