Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And The Ice Arrives

Yesterday the ice came.  Only ice.  No snow.  Today, it snowed but not hardly anything.  Yet, schools are closed.  They had a workday on Monday anyways.  Well, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so far have been cancelled.  I homeschool most so really doesn't effect anyone but Bojan. And, he's been a great teacher assistant all these days.  We'll do the same tomorrow as well.  Mean time, thought I'd share some pics of us out and about in the snow/ ice.

Looks like snow but this was all ICE!

We were thoroughly disappointed in the ice but totally made the best of it.  Have great group shots but can't show them for obvious reasons.  Come on court date, hurry up!

Irina and Reni setting out to go sledding in the front yard.  

I think Nik could find a place to sled in the desert to be honest.

Some of ours trying to reach the top of the hill.  It is a sheet of ice remember on a hill.

Irina ran back to get more sleds.  What sucks is two of our sleds broke over the ice.  We lost the blue one and the multi colored one.  Bummer.

Alex, crash and burn!  LOL.

To me, Summer looks so grown up here.  Not sure why.

Logan and Nik sharing a ride.  My azaleas took a beating this afternoon.

Reni and Summer sharing a ride as well.

See, they do get along!

Irina will kill me for putting this one on here but can't help it.  Think it's cute.  Getting ready to crash into the rocks.  

Alyona just being Alyona.  Don't worry, she got to sled down as well.  All of them were having fun.

Sofie doing her own thing.  She is something else lately and that is a whole other post.  Love this girl.  She dressed herself btw.  Still can't zip but she is getting better at self-care.  And, she can rule a sled!  Well, I am tired and must go to bed. Warren is sick.  First sick person of the season and since it's February, I should consider myself lucky.  Hoping it does not spread.  Much more to come!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting Ready for the Storm

As some of  you may have already heard, the south got hit by an ice storm.  Some got snow but for the most part, mostly sleet and ice.  Can't really get through on the roads at all.  Many folks are home today.  Including us.  Going nowhere yet trying to get stuff done.  But what did we do before the storm last night arrived.

Reni and Max goofing around.  Yep, house a mess waiting for impending snow that will never come.

Sofie and Little Guy playing in the playpen.  Yes, it is tipped over on purpose.  Transitioning him out of it.  It is his 'safety' zone and trying to create a new one w/ the walker.  He's having none of it but we're all working on it still.

Reni fixing Irina's hair.  Houseguest and Logan looking on the ipod and rest of them on the couch watching a movie.  

Summer, Sofie and Alyona goofing off in their room.And yes, a mess in there too.  When it snows/ ice, we just seem to forget about the messes for the day or so.

My weather watchers telling me there's nothing yet.

Alex retrieving the basketball that fell in the creek.

Homeschoolers learning why water isn't freezing in the creek yet pool is frozen solid.  Hey, why not teach them something while waiting for the snow.  And yes, my turkeys all have winter jackets that fit them.  However, older ones are way too cool for that.  URGHH!!!!

And this is all we got.  Stupid ice.  Ice is just no fun.  Seriously, where's the dog gone snow this year?!  We made the most of it and those pictures will come.  But still, we all wanted snow just one time this year.  Maybe next week???

Near & Dear to Our Hearts

As most of you know, we have attended Camp Cheerio every May since our son came home.  Our son Nik is deaf due to AN (auditory neuropathy) and has two cochlear implants to help him hear.  To say this camp has special meaning to us would be an understatement.  I truly don't know where we'd be today not having gone.  Really, I don't.  It is more than just a camp for the weekend for us.  It teaches us.  Every single time we've gone, we have learned something new to be better able to help our children.  Not just Nik either!  And our kids.  Boy oh boy. They have learned the most.  They have learned what friendship is, volunteering, Deaf culture, new sports and the list could go on forever really.  It is one of two things they look forward to every single year.  This more so than Christmas.  Kid you not!  Shoot, Nik has already started to ask.  The older kids tell their new sibs every year what it will be like.  Incredible friendships form.  You must remember, to some of my kids, this is the ONLY place they have gone and felt welcomed and part of a group.  I could go on all day about this place and what meaning it has to our family.  Every year we go, we use our tax money to help pay for it.  This year with two adoptions and medical expenses, it is not possible to do that.  So, we decided to create a GoFundMe account which will help not only our family but hopefully a few others be able to attend and also help their children reach their fullest potential.  We need approximately $1,000 to attend camp.  Anything raised about that amount will go to fund scholarships for other families wanting to attend but financially not able.  Our goal is to raise $5,000.  It is a long shot but nothing is impossible.  Having other families experience the sheer joy and hope that their child will indeed be okay, is truly overwhelming to think about.  We can do this together.  So, here is the link.  Please feel free to share everywhere.  This camp is life changing for so many.  Helps immensely.  Would mean the world if we could go this year and help others get the chance to go as well.  Thanks.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Manic Monday

If I don't return for a day or two, it's because we've lost power.  There are high chances of our power going out we are being told.  We'll see.  Ice storm moving in.  Started with freezing rain. Stopped but waiting for next wave. Supposed to continue through the night. Disappointed b/c we all want snow.  Maybe next time.

  • Lots to catch up on
  • Ice storm headed our way
  • Kids highly disappointed there is no snow outside, just ice.  Can't play with ice.  Bummer!
  • Got school work done
  • Soccer practices cancelled the next two days
  • Open gym cancelled today
  • Got lots of school work done today
  • Wrote social workers
  • PPR done
  • No court date in site
  • Trying to organize a lot more lately
  • Chance we may be moving in less than two months! (don't even ask yet)
  • House hunting/ designing
  • Kids are doing well
  • Appealing insurance
  • Girls have dance this week
  • Kids have youth group
  • Nothing major happening this week (thank goodness)
  • Trying to start a GoFundMe account so we can go to Camp Cheerio and also raise money for family scholarship for others
  • Need to do some RV work
  • Car and Van need an oil change
  • Got my license renewed today
  • Waiting on bloodwork test results for Little Guy to see if he does have leukodystrophy
  • Need to buy Alyona clothes (Summer cut ALL her clothes!)
  • Looking for shin guards for Reni (Alex has new ones)
  • Selling some things around the house
  • Going job hunting with Bojan this week
And of course lots of other little things.  But, with the storm approaching, I need to get going.  We're having chicken and dumplings tonight.  Yum!  Might have peanut butter cookies for dessert if Irina or I get around to making them.  LOL.  enjoy your night and stay safe.  If we don't lose power, may get  a post or two more up.