Saturday, February 14, 2015

We Have AWESOME Friends!

And I do not say that lightly.  Truly, over the years we have been blessed by such wonderful people in our lives.  People who have stepped up to help us out when they didn't have to.  People looking out for our kids' best interests.  People who go above and beyond for us and the kids.  So many people, so many kind acts.  There are really too many to name.  Just the other day, we woke up to find donuts on the counter, a bunch of bananas and a gallon of milk!  Yes, we were dead to the world after being up all night long with Little Guy that none of us even noticed someone coming in.  Now, before you get any ideas, this is a friend our dogs know all too well.  Hence, no barking.  Try and come here and they don't know you and well, you are likely to be bit.  Our dogs have to be introduced and we have to give them the 'okay' to let them know they're alright to be in here.  Anyhow, was a very sweet gesture to bring us breakfast after such a long night, long week.  Was greatly appreciated to be sure. 

A dear family friend and neighbor brought us a birthday meal and dinner in celebrations of all our birthdays last year.  Giant cake, drinks and pizza!  Was amazing.  We really enjoyed it.

What better cake decorating for 'Chaos Manor.'  Again, awesome friends and neighbors.

Today, the little boy I used to watch and now watch from time to time, came over.  His mom after work, brought us all a huge pizza, goodies and drinks for Valentine's Day.  We all spent the afternoon together just hanging out and talking and letting the kids play.  So very pleasant and relaxing.  You don't always have to go somewhere to enjoy things.  Close friends just brighten the day.  Really does.  We are very fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives.  Truly, they have made our life easier in many ways.  Happy to know them all. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Digby & Alaska

Been awhile since I chatted about the dogs.  And, since they just had a visit from the vet, perfect timing. 

Alaska is healthy and still as spunky as ever.  She loves the kids and kids that visit.  Goes for walks everyday.  Is very concerned when Little Guy screams and she thinks he's hurt.  She'll go right over to him.  Which in turn makes him mad b/c he's throwing a tantrum.  LOL.  But, still nice to know she loves her kids.

Our mellow fellow Digby.  He is getting older.  That was proven by the vet as well.  He is starting cataracts in his right eye.  He moves more slowly and is put on a diet which umm, we have yet to start.  Vet visited two weeks ago.  Anyhow, she wants him on 1/2 cup of dog food a day but he's allowed all the frozen green beans he could have.  Or other veggies for that matter but she said most dogs prefer the green beans.  And told me frozen.  Right out of the freezer.  I thought she was nuts but apparently others have heard of this too.  Never knew.  He is also to be walked more than once a day.  He's outside most days but he really only wants to lay on the porch.  We'll get him up and about in no time. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some Days

So my plan was to write a few more posts tonight.  Well, that didn't happen.  Some days are better than others.  That is just the truth here.  Tonight, Alyona insisted we check the washing machine as the machine has been 'eating' her clothes.  Max said there is nothing wrong with it.  Then, she brings me her clothes.  They've been slashed and cut up!  As of now, she has NO pajamas, literally 2 pair of pants and shirts took a hit too.  Upon closer examination, it appears someone went and cut her clothes.  My guess is Summer and Sofie but I have no proof.  Meantime, Alyona has nothing really left.  Of all the kids to happen to.  The one that is the hardest to fit by far b/c she is so skinny.  She wears a size 10/12.  I put word out on FB if any locals are selling.  We'll be checking out consignment shops this weekend.  Just sometimes you question the why of it all.  I swear some days CSI should use our home as a testing facility to solve crimes. 

Kids went to open gym tonight.  Bojan went to small group Bible study.  Houseguest, Summer and Sofie went to dance class and Alyona to small group as well.  More to come.  Just was so perplexed by the great scissor shred that got sidetracked. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snow & Ice

In NC you say?!  Well, not this year.  That's right.  With Boston standing at 78" of snow those far, we can't even get a flurry down here.  Stinks!  Was a total waste to buy my kids winter jackets.  They don't wear them.  Or the hats.  Or the gloves.  Or the scarves.  But I did score 30 brand new pairs of flip flops for $20 the other day.  Now that is much more useful in this state.  So, we must make our own 'snow.'  And ice. 

Our therapist taught us how to make this very cool snowflake.  Love it.

And this is a different view of it.  Isn't it great?!  So big.  My plan was to have them all over the dining room.  Well, this is as far as we got.  LOL.  We did make a bunch of little ones though.

Since I was studying winter with them anyhow, thought we'd try something.  Next morning some of the kids went to check it out. 

This is Irina holding what is supposed to be an ice globe.

Reni, Nik and Irina with three of the ones that did not break.  They were really cool.

You fill a balloon up w/ water and food coloring.  Next day, break the balloon.  Pretty.  In the FB ones they are beautifully round and colorful against the snow.  Umm, this is what we ended up with.  Same concept, different outcome.  But, we had fun learning what temp it needs to be to freeze water.  

With all that NC snow and ice, we had to have hot cocoa you know.

Nik waiting to warm up with his cup.  In short sleeves nonetheless.  It is NC.

Irina and Reni sipping some cocoa with marshmallows in it.  BTW, been so hot here, we've been eating Popsicles and had the windows open in January.  Got bit by mosquitoes in February.  What a non-existent winter here.  Oh well, maybe next year. 

Alyona's Surgery

January 13th, Alyona had surgery with her orthopedic surgeon at Duke.  He was running hours behind so ended up being a really, really long day.  Nik had audiology at UNC all morning so we went there first and then to Duke for surgery since alyona had an afternoon spot.  This was to be a simple surgery.  Just a cyst.  Surgery was a bit harder for the surgeon and we got the cyst just in time.  He said it was literally sitting on the radial artery and starting to wrap around it.  He got it all and it was normal pathology.  She did well and we got to leave....late.  Kids stayed with a friend that day.  I owe her big! 

This was like the day after or two of her surgery.  She was so pleased to have such a simple surgery compared to all her others she's had done.  Plus, it was her right hand.  She's left handed so had no effect on her.  Finally, a simple surgery in this house.  Only other surgery we should have this year, pending all goes right w/ everyone, is Logan's tonsils at some point.  Nice to be somewhat surgery free this year. 

Our Weekend

So, I had quite a few posts started and stopped.  This one was from mid-January.  Figured, just pop it up here.  Why not?  Clearing my ques.  

Well, was frankly low key and non-eventful for a change.  Friday, we got the boys ready and they went to a youth group retreat.  It was Alex, Logan and Bojan that went.  I wished the girls could have gone too but not in the budget for all to go.  And they know they take turns with things like this here and there.  Spiritually, the boys need to do a little more growing and truly thought at this time, this retreat would benefit them in mroe than one way.  So, it was a quiet night here Friday with three of them gone.  Amazing with a few gone what it does to a volume level here.

Since little Guy did not go to bed till 4am Saturday morning and wake up at 7am, we were all beat come Saturday.  We just hung around and muddled through.  Max worked.  REst of us watched CSI and vegged out to be honest.  Then, we had a friend drop by and invited her to stay for dinner w/ her son along w/ the other family that was coming over at 5.  We all truly had a relaxing and great time.  All the kids played so well together.  Girls of course fussed over the 5 month old baby.  Really though, was pleasant. 

What Is Going On?

I have gotten quite a few emails.  Folks on Facebook know a little of what is going on.  But, figured now that things are calming down a bit more, I need to get back to blogging.  Was more relaxing believe it or not.  So, bottom line is we have had many little issues going on at once and well, they took precedence over the blog.  Just last week, we were scared.  Very nervous, very scared for our newest son...Little Guy.  We watched him regress into not walking,drooling, different gait, and just not himself.  It was awful.  Therapists and us were all guessing what happened.  Stroke?  Leukodystrophy, bad day, meds, what?!  We ruled out meds as this happened before we started the new med to help him sleep.  BTW, that is another story and a major fail.  Was a nightmare.  Our one therapist thinks that there had to be some type of trigger.  Now, he is back to his normal self.  Definitely a nice change!  I mentioned leukodystrophy.  It is the disease they tested him for weeks ago.  Results should be in any day. 

Soccer season starts this Saturday so that will bring on new schedules and hecticness.  And that's okay.  Fun times to be outside since this dog gone state appears to never see snow.  Yep, no snow this winter.  Houseguest, Summer and Sofie are in dance.  Teens all do youth group.  Since homeschoolers took Spanish last semester and a Civil War class, we did no extra classes this semester and instead will save that money for some day field trips in the spring.  Plan to go hiking, the aquarium, some museums, chocolate factory (organic one), and a few other events. 

So, just busy and waiting on a few words from doctors.  Need to get Logan in.  He needs his tonsils out.  Alyona did well with her surgery and is all recovered.  Much more to come with pictures to boot!  There is plenty to catch up on though I'll never be able to completely catch up.  Life is moving full speed ahead.  Awaiting our court date so we can make Little Guy and Houseguest final.  Feel like they've been here forever.  Need to go and sleep while I can. That is a whole separate post as Little Guy is not sleeping well.  Neurology is working on it but in the mean time, some long nights and tired brains.  Hopefully, most stuff I write will make sense.  Or not.  Stay tune for more posts the next few days.  I have a lot to say.