Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Those Unexpected Projects

Okay, so my kids have all known for years one of my biggest pet peeves is waiting till the last minute to let me know if they have something due the next day.  Sure enough, Bojan did it.  For French Class.  He informs me at 9:00pm at night he needs to cook something French for school the next day.  Really?!  So, scrambling on the internet at night, we decided we needed easy at that point.  Crepes it was.  I still had fresh strawberries I had frozen from the summer when we picked them.  Perfect. 

Warren teaching Bojan how to cook them.  After, Bojan took over.  

Trouble was, they tasted so good, ALL of us ate them all.  So, he and Isabelle got up early hte next morning to make them fresh for his school.

This was the night time batch.  Fruit to go along w/ it.  Next weekend, Isabelle and Reni made crepes for breakfast.  Delicious!  We love it and were glad for the class project.  He got a 100 on it.  Hey, we turned a stressed situation into fun.  That's what you have to do around here you know.

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