Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random of Nate

Today is Saturday and thought I should at least post something despite my laziness.  I did a few errands today.  We all went to a performance tonight at the church.  It was wonderful.  Alex and Nik went with our neighbor Jimmy today.  He took them fishing and out for burgers.  They had the best time.  Nik was SO happy and could not contain himself.  He was telling me all about how fast the boat went and all that stuff.  Was great.  We have such good neighbors and friends here.  Truly, we do.  So, low key day for us. 

Thought I'd share a few pics of Nate from the other night.  Nothing special, just random pictures.

Irina feeding Nate ravioli.  He starts feeding therapy Monday.  He refuses to eat in the high chair and frankly is getting too heavy to hold.

He loves that ravioli of his.

Squeeze from one of his sisters.

All the poor dog. Nate has discovered the dog....and her tail.  He just wants to pull her hair out.  Thankfully, a very tolerant dog.

Alaska is so good to him.  She has spot where he can't get to her though just in case.

We tell everyone he is not spoiled, just overly loved.  Can you tell?

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