Monday, December 14, 2015

Manic Monday

Boy this season is flying by!  Was a wonderful weekend.  More to come for sure.  This will be quick. 
  • had a great weekend at a show at church
  • kids have AWANAS this week
  • 4-H has a party
  • Nate gets a feeding eval this week
  • speech and OT this week
  • Chick Filet fundraiser (we were given tickets to yesterday!)
  • library
  • oil changes needed
  • dogs need a bath
  • Irina has ENT appointment to determine surgery
  • park day w/ homeschoolers
  • teens have a Christmas party at church
  • bojan has early release
  • have homeschool party here at our house
  • need to wash cars
  • making appointments for various doctors
  • still trying to locate dentist for kids...urghh!!!
  • need to haul off trash
  • need to pick up glasses for Alyona.  Reni's aren't ready yet.
  • need to order part for kitchen stove
  • called school for Sofie for IEP eval
  • need to write thank yous
  • clearing up multiple insurance issues
  • need to write Christmas letter

Much more going on as usual.  But, we still take things day by day.  This is a very, very busy week for us but I am determined to do at least one to two posts a day.  My goal.

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