Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Manic Monday

Wow, didn't realize the holidays had me as busy as I was.  I totally forgot I had a blog.  Let's start this week off right.  Here goes:

  • Bojan and I have taken up walking together
  • I'm trying to bit by bit get heatlhy
  • kids are beyond excited for Christmas
  • we have truly been blessed by some Christmas Angels
  • Nate is really developing a personality
  • speech and OT this week
  • no activities as Christmas Week
  • we go Christmas Caroling on Wednesday
  • Christmas Eve Service on Thursday
  • we need to make more Christmas Cookies
  • we got a lot of little stuff done this past weekend
  • our to do list is slowly getting done
  • Irina's surgery is in January
  • so much happening the next few weeks
  • Max still loves his job at UPS
  • Irina is working at Revlon still
  • Bojan will be job hunting over the break
  • I have tons and tons of paperwork
  • local vet called me today to make an appointment
  • one day, I'll get those Christmas cards out
more, more, more going on here at Chaos Manor.  Will update for sure this week as I'll have a bit more time believe it or not.  Hope everyone's Christmas Week is going well.

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