Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Finally Friday

Sorry for slacking on the posts again but it has been one of my busier weeks and well, blog is last on the list of things to do.  Today is Friday.  Took Isabelle to the eye doctor.  All is good.  Can get new glasses in January.  We can get them once a year with our plan which is great.  OT came today and worked with the kids.  Did some errands.  Kids and I went to the local Christmas Parade.  Low key event which was nice.  Came home and made them hot cocoa with whip cream. Yum after a chilly parade.  Warren got home and we had a simple dinner.  Hot dogs, tater tots, and green beans.  Neither of us felt like cooking.  Could you tell? 

My mom sent two packages of ornaments today which was fantastic. Enough to do the tree.  Yes, our tree is missing the top part.  See, we always had a giant fresh tree in our old house b/c our ceilings were so tall.  Here,they are not.  But, I found a tree on a yard sale site before we moved here.  Bought the tree on good faith that ALL the parts were there.  Box looked full.  Nope.  Not all there.  Otherwise, it would have been a gorgeous tree.  Since we can not afford a new tree this year, this will have to do.  Decorating it tomorrow as well as more of the outside. 

Logan and Warren working on assembling a Christmas yard decoration my mom gave us.

Because you know, nothing says Christmas like a 6.5 foot tall light up giraffe.

Nik had to take his picture in front of it.  As if he was on safarri.

Since it was raining that night, we just put him on the porch till later.  Was kind of creepy that evening.  Warren says he's the toys 'R Us Giraffe.  

More posts to come.  Tomorrow, we just have church in the evening.  Oh, and picking up our eggs from the farmer.  But other than that, doing school and cleaning up.  We have been gone a lot this week so need to get caught up on some school work to be sure. 

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