Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Irina's Ear Issues

Not sure how many on here know.  On August 30th, Irina accidentally poured super glue in her ear.  She's had surgery, been to the doctors many times, had multiple infections, been on antibiotics 4 or 5 times and been in severe pain on and off.  She finally got to the specialist at Duke today.  Irina's ear canal was SO swollen, they could not see inside to the ear drum w/ the super glue on it.  She also now has a polyp.  They gave her special medicine that is in powder form for the ear.  She uses this for a week and goes back next Wednesday.  If the swelling hasn't gone down, surgery for sure.  If it has, then they determine from there if they need surgery for the ear drum as well to get remaining glue off.  As of today, she has conductive hearing loss at a moderate level. So, we are at a stand still once again.  It is not looking good for her ear nor the hearing at this point.  Time will tell. 

Kids had AWANAS tonight.  Sofie was made to stay home for being bad last week at church.  I mean super bad.  I was appalled.  She got the message loud and clear and kept apologizing.  Sofie is going through a phase lately and we're trying to nip it in the bud so to speak. 

Tomorrow, we have a homeschoolers park day.  Hoping to meet some folks.  Plus, weather is going to be gorgeous.  Can't wait. 

More posts forthcoming.  Just been a super duper hectic week is all.

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