Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blessings Abound...again

As I said a few posts again, we truly have been blessed the last few weeks.  Great food, good friends, many visitors, and gifts out of the blue.  Just lots of thoughtful people in this world.  And we are fortunate enough to be friends with many of them.

I received this in the mail.

I had won one of the Facebook contests!  I was so excited b/c who doesn't love beauty items.

Our dear friends back in Garner surprised us with a feast.  And Mimi is such an awesome cook.  Ms. Bettie was over to enjoy it with us as well.   Made it that much more special.

Look at this Italian cooking!  Amazing.  Umm, majority of the stuff on Reni's side was eaten that evening.  Yep, that good.

We received a gift from my sister and her husband.  The perfect gift!

Believe it or not, all were excited about this gift.  Nik bugged me for two days straight to make pancakes.  We missed them so much.

How awesome is this?!  An anonymous person gave us a griddle as well.  We have already cooked on both at once and that is the ticket to finishing breakfast faster around here.  Love them!

We were blessed with two cakes the other week.  Summer gladly deemed them her birthday cakes.  And yes, we did have them for her birthday.  She was in love with getting to eat this bow.

These were so beautiful.  Fit for a princess and that was Summer.  Again, so many have blessed our family it is just amazing. There are no words for the generosity we've experienced. 

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