Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Grinchy Friday

This weekend, we wanted low key.  Decided to go to the library Friday with the kids to see Santa.  That was a lot of fun as we were the only ones there pretty much.  Kids got to make a bookmark and even got a book.  Then, came home and had delicious steaks on the grill a friend gave us along w/ some potato salad and potato skins.  Yeh, not the healthiest of evenings.  After dinner, we made Grinch kebobs and watch the movie.  Bojan's friends were also over with us. 

The girls were eager to get started on the kebobs.

Alyona assembling hers.

Not too hard after all.  Nate kept eating the grapes though.

Isabelle showing Reni how not to cut the strawberry earlier.  LOL.

Reni's finished product.

Soon everyone was coming in to get involved.  They were eating them faster than we could make them though.

while making kebobs, some were playing chess in the school room.

Bojan had friends over as well.  Nice they let the little kids hang out with them.

Bojan wondering what his next move will be.

Our shot at the Grinch kebobs.  As seen on Pinterest.

More work.  Would have been easier just to eat the fruit separately.

I promised them Grinch popcorn but no one wanted popcorn except Nik as we also had cake that evening.  But, Reni was a sweet sister and helped him make regular popcorn anyhow. 

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