Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Dinner Out

My parents sent us some money and we took the kids out to a Chinese dinner.  My kids love a buffet and let's just say the teen boys love food. 

A little drama on the way there.  Sofie's mouth started bleeding as she was messing with a tooth that wasn't quite loose yet. so bad that we had a diaper full of blood!  Diaper full.  We were out of tissues.  We improvised .

Girls decided to all sit together at a table.  Definitely sisters.

Some of the boys munching.  They tried so many new things too.  They loved that part.

Max was filling up before he had to work in a few hours.  All of them were having a pretty good time.

Though Nate didn't really eat, he was happy to be there.  He did eat a plate of pudding Irina let him try.

 Logan before the haircut.  He was not as quick to try some of the foods.  Especially, the recognizable aquatic ones.  LOL. 

Nothing like reading our fortune cookies at the end.  We all had a wonderful, relaxing time.  Was so pleasant to go out to eat and such a treat.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift!  We enjoyed our day out. 

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