Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Else is Broken??

A question often asked in this house.  I told you all about us having no heat at the moment.  Well, downstairs heat.  A couple weeks ago, Reni decided to clean the stove.  We have a 5 burner Kitchenaid propane stove.  Propane.  So, imagine our scare that day when there are flames shooting up from the knobs, propane stove remember.  We could not get the stove to switch off at all.  We knew this could end badly.  Screamed for Max to go outside to switch off the main cut off.  I needed ALL propane off.  There is indeed a cut off on the stove but you have to spend time taking the drawers and crawl under it to get to it. There was no time for that.  Not to mention it being a safety issue.  Main valve off, fire done, damage done. 

Took the stove apart.  You can clearly see where the fire was.

Closer look.  It is the ignition switch that caught fire and caused everything else to start flaming up as well.

Something so small can cause so much havoc.  Crazy, isn't it?  Scary though.  Very, very scary for us.  And Reni was just cleaning.  Got water in where there shouldn't have been.  Called Kitchenaid as previous owners sent in warranty card.  Service call is covered but not the part.  Fine.  No show. Called back the next day and told them no show.  They said no one was home.  I was home all day that day.  Said they'd come back out.  Never did.  We have decided to order the part ourselves and replace since this is an electrical issue (Warren does electrical work) and not a propane issue (he refuses to mess w/ any of the gas stuff).  Hopefully, we can order the part next week.  Things are 'tight' lately due to all the unexpected breaking going on in this home.  And old home for that matter.  Had to buy screens for old home and we have to fix a window. 

Propane stove broke.  No downstairs heat.  They say it comes in threes.  Yesterday, Max's car died.  We have determined it is the battery.  $120 fix.  Lovely, perfect timing in time for Christmas.  My kids may want coal for Christmas at this rate.  LOL.  In addition, we know for a fact the washer is going to go soon.  Praying that one can hold out a few more months b/c otherwise, we're all going to get a lesson in tub washing.  Oh, leaf blower broke as well.  Trying to think of what else.  They say it comes in threes but I'm thinking we are going for multiples of threes at this point.  On an up note though, the kids are healthy so I best not do too much complaining on what's breaking.  And the best part is, it will all get fixed in time.  Just never what you want around the holiday season. 

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