Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trip to the ER-- Irina

Today is Saturday and sorry for the lapse but it was Thanksgiving.  Will get back to that shortly.  This evening Warren took Irina to the ER.  Now, let me back up a bit.  Aug. 30th, IRina went to the ER for accidentally pouring super glue in her ear.  Thought is was ear drops but was nail glue (aka super glue).  Over the course of the next few months, she had multiple rounds of antibiotics, surgery, ear drops, etc. to no avail.  It is now getting worse.  Pain level high and pain moving into the jawline.   She has blood and puss coming from her ear.  Loss of hearing.  (proven by audiogram I might add).  It is not good and the only thing I have been getting from her ENT is let it heal on its own.  Last time I went on Nov. 5th with her, he said he'd contact his colleagues at Duke since this was such a rare case and not getting any better.  He said Duke would call me.  It is Nov. 28th and no phone call yet.   Today, they went to the ER and same old story.  Can only give local referrals not to Duke.  Really, but sorry the local ENT is the one who did the surgery and who has not gotten the help promised to me.  Left with a another round of antibiotics this evening and ear drops.  Of course the same exact ones.   Monday, we will be calling Duke ENT and if nothing comes of it, Duke patient relations as someone is dropping the ball big time here and my daughter may have irreversible damage to her ear.  Just very frustrated with it all.

Next in line to doc is Alyona Monday morning.  Sounding like another tethered cord or CSF leak.  Either way, not the best thing as you know.  Need to get these girls on the meds.  Nate's tubes will be put on the back burner as low priority till these more dire issues are resolved with the girls.  I feel Christmas season is going to be surgery season once more.  Keep you all posted.

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  1. Oh no. Unbelievable how one mistake can cause so much trouble. Sorry about her pain and hearing loss. All the best with Alyona's appointment. I hope they'll have good news for her regarding fixing it.