Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sofie's Runner

Sofie has  a runner that runs for her.  Logs in miles on Sofie's behalf.  Her name is Mak and she is a remarkable 9yo girl that can really and truly run.  It's her passion.  She wins a lot of races as my kids say.  Sometimes, Mak will send Sofie her trophies or medals she gets from her races.  Sofie acts as though she won them herself!  Recently though, she sent a belated birthday gift for Sofie. 

That is one huge box!

Sofie wondering what is inside this big thing.

Sofie getting ready to open things.

And a crowd always forms when these boxes come.

I love how she is wondering what's in there.

Not sure what this face was.

Sofie got shoes from Mak and stickers.  Summer wears the shoes and loves them. B/c Mak wore them, she says she can now run fast.

The balloon though was by far her favorite gift!

Sofie literally would not let go of the balloon.  As you can see, thrilled with it all.  She still has the balloon btw.  Was very sweet of Mak to run for Sofie.  Sofie will run around the kitchen saying she runs like Mak.  Love it!  One day we hope to meet her in person.  Alex and Logan have even challenged her to a race!

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