Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Loaded question for sure.  How's it going?  Hmm.  Tough one to answer.  Some areas very, very well.  Others, not so much. Working on what we need to but it takes time.  Alex finishes his fractions this week.  Starts geometry next week.  In February, I plan to move him onto Algebra.  Logan is still working on multiplication as are Isabelle and Nik.  Reni is working on long division.  Once done with that, I'll move her onto fractions.  She should be on fractions in beginning of year and geometry by the last quarter of the year.  Or, I may just concentrate on fractions and division to give her a good solid foundation since she is just 6th grade and move onto geometry next year.  Not sure.  Summer and Sofie are on basic math.  Well, Sofie on recognizing numbers and such.  Alyona is working with money but is on a life skills path more than academic. 

Alyona is working with a therapist on life skills as with school.  All my kids have to write in a journal everyday, do two current events a week, 1 book report a month and two country reports a month and they all have spelling tests each week.  English varies for each of them.  Right now, we entered a new subject for science. Dumb of me to do on a short week so probably so forget it and start Monday after Thanksgiving.  We have studied rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, earth layers, etc. this semester.  Doing solar system now.  This whole year is Earth Science for them.  History we studied Ancient Egypt and are now going to be entering the Middle Ages next I believe.  For art, Pinterest projects here and there.  In the spring, we'll study some of the great artists. 

My kids do 4-H club, meet ups w/ other homeschoolers and church activities as well.  We'll add sports this coming semester.  The boys work for neighbors here and there if school work is done.  I w3ant to do more with them.  We'll get there.  Mine learn differently and I need to recognize that.  But, Nik is reading, Summer is starting to do addition on her own, Sofie can say the alphabet and count, Alex is progressing way more than I thought so truly not doing too badly I suppose. 

The other day, we got pizza from the Book It program from Pizza Hut as the kids have met their reading goals.  They read every day first thing when they get up and read at bed time too.

Summer was SO proud.  They each presented their tickets.  Sofie even got one too.  I ordered another pizza on special for the older kids as they do read too.  Kids were thrilled b/c we never get to order take out.  So really a great treat for all of us to enjoy.  

Next, we have Bojan going to Oxford Preparatory School.  He's doing fantastic and loves it there.  He is also in film club there.  They broke ground for the brand new school last week.  He was selected and attended a leadership conference in early November.  Next year, he'll start thinking of future colleges.  Hard to believe.  

So, we're plugging away with school.  Lots to always learn. 

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