Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Night Before Thanksgiving

Clearly with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am not writing 5 posts again this evening.  Sorry, but I still have sugar cookies and stuffing to make so posts are not happening.  We'll have around thirty people here tomorrow so really not that bad at all.  Kids and I have been prepping all day.  None of which was cleaning the house.  And at this rate, probably not happening.  My kids were too excited about making a welcome sign out of sidewalk chaulk so I went with it.  We warn people before they come here, we LIVE in this home.  It is NOT for show, but for living and daily adventures.  Take it or leave it.  Want immaculate home with kids, you may have to live in a museum.  Yes, we clean every week but we definitely don't have our home as a show place so to speak.  Chaos Manor is who we are. 

Yes, kids this is much more productive than helping clean up.  That was the extent of sweeping the floors.

Nik and Alex putting candy in party favors.

Aren't they super cute!  A dear friend sent them to us to put together and fill up.  Very sweet and kids had a good time doing it too.

Ms. Bettie came over to help out.  Logan showing her the blog for the first time.
Alaska doing her part of just laying there guarding the door.

Not sure what these two were doing.

Reni and Alyona making chocolate cream pies.  In pajamas of course.

I don't see why I'm worried about ever turning heat on in this place.  Sofie is in shorts, t-shirt and boots.  She was this happy all day long b/c of the balloon Mak gave her.  A belated birthday present that was nothing but smiles from Sofie.  

Reni and Isabelle adding some art work.  They wanted to welcome guests.

Sofie overseeing their work.  She would not let go of that balloon all day. 

That took a lot of chalk.  They did art work in various places in the driveway and sidewalks.

Our gardener (aka, Logan) has done an awesome job upkeeping our yard.  He takes it very seriously.

And slowly, we are thinking of what we're going to do for decorations for Christmas.  For now, going to have a relaxing Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving from Chaos Manor! 

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