Monday, November 23, 2015

Manic Monday

I'm not even going to attempt to catch you up on all that is happening around here.  So, here's a bit:

  • OT today
  • called for appointments for Bojan, Nate and Irina
  • Irina still has ear issues...waiting on Duke
  • Nate needs tubes for his ears
  • PPR coming due for Nate
  • New/ old social worker assigned
  • Thanksgiving...over 30 people going to be here
  • need to finish shopping
  • baking on Wednesday
  • Bojan only has school tomorrow and then done
  • Logan, Alex and Nik did knock out job on our yard
  • Same boys been working for neighbors after school work done
  • have tons of paperwork I need to do
  • houseguest coming tomorrow
  • Max & Irina's friends staying w/ us as well this week here and there
  • trying to figure out Christmas
  • working on a database for families
  • making a list of all places we're going for Christmas things
  • no AWANAS this week
  • no 4-H this week
  • no library this week
  • getting caught up with things
Many more happenings and I'll get to it all soon.  Just a lot.

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