Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just in case you thought we were neat...

So, I take pictures.  And in some ways, it would appear our house is immaculate.  Umm, far from it!  So, thought I'd take pictures one night of just the kitchen area.  This is what it really looks like most the time.  Though usually kitchen is clean b/c Irina has OCD and hates it unorganized and messy.  She wasn't home when I took these pictures.

Hodge podge of paper work, school stuff, hair dryer (not even asking why), tortilla chips and just general stuff on there. 

I don't even know what's all on this side of the table. 

We had gotten stuff from the bread outlet this day so still several loaves that hadn't madeit to the freezer yet.  Notice the sink isn't all that far from that island.  Yet somehow, my children must think it is miles away as the plates only make it in most the time if reminded. 

How many dog gone pots do we need to cook with?!  Bigger kitchen, bigger space to mess up.  I just wanted you all to see an honest after picture of a typical evening. 

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