Monday, November 30, 2015

Girls Day at the Salon, at Home

The other day, our friend came over.  See, she used to be a stylist.  She knows Isabelle loves to do hair and well, some of us needed to fix mullet girl for what she did to herself.  Sofie cut her own hair the other week.  Then Summer wanted  a trim b/c her sister got one.  Anyhow, it was very sweet for her to work with the kids and teach them something new.  Can't thank Ms. Tiffany enough for all she did to give the Boyd girls that extra pizazz.

Here she is getting ready to cut Sofie which is a miracle b/c Sofie is such a moving target.

Everyone watching, listening and learning how to cut hair.  This is good stuff!  

Sofie trying to keep her eyes shut.  She did pretty well.

Finally, her mullet was gone!

It really is a cute cut on her.  She looks so innocent and sweet.

i'll have to get a better picture later.  She wouldn't stand still.

So, Isabelle's hair is very dry.  She gave herself a treatment that was suggested by our therapist who has children w/ some dry hair.  It worked SO well.  Isabelle is happy we fixed the dry hair issue.

Sisters.  They really do love each other...most the time.

Nerves are showing as she is getting ready to cut her sister's hair!

Our friend giving us pointers on how it should be cut.  Summer waiting patiently as all is explained.

This is probably her first cut of many to come.  See, Isabelle wants to be a hair stylist when she gets older.  I think she will do fantastic at that profession.  She really does have a knack for it.  It was such a fun afternoon and we all learned a lot.  I even got my hair cut as well. 

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